dad embarrasses daughter by asking shirtless boys to wash her window

Dad Embarrasses Daughter At Car Wash

She was mortified.
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pranking neighbors after snowstorm

Rascal Pranks Neighbors After Snowstorm

Oh, that's too clever.
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revenge on package mail thief with glitter bomb on porch

Package Thieves And Porch Pirates Get Defeated By Glitter Bomb

Back at it again.
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funny mad lads playing by their own rules | GingerKittyCat @kittycattwitch finally asked my grandpa why so many his books were wrapped duct tape. His response tape covers so looks like bible and can read during church. | scruched This lawnmower cost way too much be only cutting grass finna ride Subway

Mad Lads Who Blazed Their Own Path

They can't be stopped!
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funny dating app parody girl and satan taking selfie

Ryan Reynolds' Dating App Parody Is Comedy Gold

A love story for the ages, indeed.
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funny radio interview prank

Radio Hosts Find Greatest Bloke In World Through Prank Job Reference

Only in Australia.
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borat meeting youtuber and ruining a car funny video

Borat Visits YouTuber, Trashes His Car

Couldn't have gone any better.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger pranking coworker filming Jesse Ventura

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pranks Jesse Ventura While Filming Predator

Classic Arnold.
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dad and son funny reunion

Adorable Father And Son Reunion Prank

Should've given him more water.
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funny madlads jokes and weird pranks | AA Home My kid being brat so de marshmallowed his lucky charms bag of plain cereal

Mad Lads Who Played By Their Own Rules

These lads are mad!
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An employee pranks their boss, boss fakes heart attack, employee loses their mind. | r/tifu Join u/prankeyprank 1d TIFU by putting my boss hospital M typing this home as my work unexpectedly received half-day my antics. So my boss and have been having little prank war. Nothing extravagant nothing harmful: just fun little office pranks keep spirits up work corporate insurance so most my day is spent behind desk and gets very boring at times

Employee Pranks Boss, Boss Pulls The Reverse UNO Card

Like an actual boss.
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A funny Tumblr post about a brother who pranks his sister with Shrek faces | thatsogwyneth: roughkiss: peevsie77: gay-undertones: gay-undertones: So my sister's out day and my sister's room is completely covered One Direction posters So thought why not cut out 350 shrek faces aND MAKE EVERYTHING SHREK

Sister's One Direction Posters Get Shrekt

Could be an improvement.
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Guy pranks friends with funny photo | Jesus Feel better bud. Pictures going ask this, is testicle? wanted pic, sorry should've sent just Yeah man. chat

Guy Worries Friends, Pulls Off A Switchadoodledoo

It's pretty straightforward.
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Scots language wikipedia prank | dream song 4 @chickenpaprika turns out an American teen who identifies as an "INTP brony" has singlehandedly written almost entirety Scots wikipedia despite not knowing language at all. Scottish redditors suspect he may have done "more damage Scots language than anyone else history Robyn Speer @r_speer 2h Almost every article on Scots Wikipedia is written by one American teenager, who does not speak Scots and is just writing English an accent If have multilingual

Apparently A Huge Portion of Scots Wikipedia Articles Were Written As a Joke

Oh boy.
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People making statues jokingly hurt them | person throwing papers in the air near a statue of a baseball player swinging a bat | man pretending to get slapped in the face by a statue of a person on a monowheel

People Who Had Run-Ins With Aggressive Statues

It's alive!
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Person uses rat prank to get roommates to clean | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/Dull_Amy 1 day ago F S AITA terrorising my roommates into cleaning up their crap? Not hole So live with two roommates (28m 21f) who are less than helpful comes cleaning house. Wet clothes are left washer days on end, food is left rotting fridge and sink several weeks if do not clean they also just casually throw garbage into yard. If asked nicely multiple times them clean their mess and even not so nicely few times.

Rat Prank Gets Filthy Roommates to Clean Up

Sweet and effective.
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