fail moose breaks into basement
Via Idaho.gov
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It could happen to you. The one night you forget to lock your doors is the night you put your entire family at risk. Intruders can break in and shit in your basement. Those intruder: Moose. How do we stop them: Undetermined.

Take this Idaho family as a blanket statement for an unnecessary fear that the rest of America should base their foreign policy on. If one moose can break into one house, what's to stop another moose from breaking into another house. 


According to UPI, "The Idaho Department of Fish and Game said Senior Conservation Officer Alex Head responded Saturday night to a Hailey home where a cow moose was reported to be in the finished basement."

Apparently, the moose broke through a window and trapped itself in the basement. When will this madness end? I mean look at all this shit the moose left: 

via Idaho Fish and Game

The moose was eventually set free to bring its reign of terror to the Idaho countryside. The only question now is, when will this western menace strike again. 


2017 is Already a Pretty Crappy Year Thanks to These Massive Manure Sculptures

The latest from our comrades in the frozen east: Sh*t sculptures.

Apparently, every year in the remote Siberian village, Yakutia, in the Sakha Republic an artist named Mikhail Bopposov creates annual excrement artwork.

This comes in the form of massive sculptures based on the Chinese zodiac sign of the year. Well, this year is the year of the rooster. So Mikhall crafted a massive rooster that tops off at 11.5 feet tall, entirely out of cow manure.

2017 Manure Sculptures
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service sends poops for polticians
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All the fun of lighting a bag of dog crap on someone’s front porch without the hassle of running away.

A new service from the high schoolers behind the vulva-shaped lollipops for Trump, Poop for Politicians is exactly what it sounds like. For the low, low price of $9.99 this bi-partisan poop delivery service will mail a package of feces to the politician of your choosing. Same day delivery! Wow!

Speaking to The Daily Dot, Jules and Gabe, the Poop for Politicians founders, explained, “All we're doing is capitalizing on the way people would like to convey a message to the people who play a direct role in their lives, and giving them a medium to do it.”

But isn’t this bad for the environment, you might ask. Well, this service uses 100% organic horse manure from a local farm. So it’s sustainable and eco-friendly. Plus, you can send a big package of shit to Paul Ryan! Whoa! Where do I sign up?

Just go to www.poopforpoliticans.com and send some poop to Washington today!