Robots Are Great Poets

robots write great haiku
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Don't Let Your Child Fall Prey to This Menace

poetry is like drugs
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Choose Your Own Adventure in This Cool Inspirational Slam Poem

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This Little Essay Took 365 Days to Perform

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Even Adults Would Rage at This

anger poem kids ice cream parenting poetry - 8388135936
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One Direction Knows How to Speak to the Ladies

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Verily, 'tis the Bass!

Music poetry failbook g rated - 8341015296
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What's So Hard About Five-Seven-Five?

facepalm haiku poetry - 8314157056
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A Poem for the Internet-Obsessed

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This Is Why You Don't Study Physics

studying physics science funny poetry g rated School of FAIL - 8270385408
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The Joke, You Appeared to Miss it

facepalm haiku poetry failbook g rated - 8246447104
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A Bunch of Failed Poets

failure quote funny science poetry - 8251293440
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The Beauty is in the Simplicity of the Haiku

poem deep thoughts haiku poetry - 8250715648
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Snapchat is Where Poetry Goes to Die

flirting weather poetry snapchat failbook - 8235716352
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Let There be a Switch!

wisdom poetry - 8236000512
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Arnold Gets the Poetry He Deserves

puns Arnold Schwarzenegger poetry failbook g rated - 8234625280
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