Twitter thread of annotates Bukowski from woman who's not putting up with it

Woman Finds Annotated Bukowski Book, It's Filled With Comedy Gold

She clearly wasn't gonna put up with it.
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Funny bathroom graffiti people found | reddit posed by coolcleverfunnyname Not exactly bathroom stall but bathroom bar my hometown there's condom machine says refund insert baby Always made chuckle.

Terrific Bathroom Graffiti People Witnessed

Poetry at its finest.
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woman gets revenge on ex by becoming a better poet than him

Woman Gets Ironic Revenge on Poet Ex by Publishing More Successful Poetry

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cringe teenagers memories

23 Embarrassed Adults Share Their Cringiest Teenage Phases

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askreddit stories of things people did when they were young

25 Formerly Deep Souls Share the Cringiest Things They Did as Angsty Teens

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deep bathroom writings

18 Bathroom Wall Witticisms to Read While You're on the Toilet

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Limerick Larry the 'Poet of PornHub' Captured Our Hearts and Minds

11 Times Limerick Larry the 'Poet of PornHub' Captured Our Hearts and Minds

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Funny guy leaves amazing poetry throughout the comments section of Pornhub.

Favorite Times the Poet of Pornhub Rocked Comments Section With Literary Gold

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dr seuss for adults

People Theorize What It Would Be Like If Dr. Seuss Wrote Erotic Novels and Now Our Childhoods are Ruined

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sex list troll funny dating poetry - 808965

Guy Delivers Dark Poetic Justice to a Spambot Desperately Trying to Strip

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Sick Rhymes

online dating, profile pic, poetry
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To Be Fair, That Is All People

bathroom, poetry, impressions, vandalism
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Gabi's Parents May Want to Discuss This With Her...

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This V-Day, They Got Some Chocolate And A "F-ck You"

breakup dumped f you note poetry roses are red Valentines day - 5838676480
Created by Unknown

DON'T Look at This Photograph

Cats computer nickelback parenting poetry pr0n - 6099943936
Created by Unknown

Robots Are Great Poets

robots write great haiku
Via Alpha Dog33
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