Dat Booty is Truly Magical

butts poetry dating fails - 7150111232
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alcohol too drunk poetry after 12 - 6952332800
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And That's How I Failed English

author failed english poetry - 6879853056
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learning education poetry g rated School of FAIL Video - 45412097

Learning Isn't the Problem

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Born a Poet

roses are red breasts poetry - 6817720064
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How Do I Poetry?

poetry - 6759990272
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Carl Sagan Brings Us Wisdom From Beyond

carl sagan Words Of Wisdom poetry - 6760033024
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Give it a Couple More Shots

chugging poetry - 6769750016
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Walt Whitman and Astronomy

class is in session Astronomy poetry - 6675374080
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I Like to Rhyme All the Time

rhyming rhyme poetry - 6659396864
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Hold On, I Have to Finish Counting!

haiku Pie Chart poetry - 6628588032
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Well You Heard Him, Get Drunk!

get drunk literature poetry - 6570487040
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Poetry Killer!

heart poem poetry - 6562466560
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Emo Lyrics Are Good for the Appetite

4chan emo lyrics poetry - 6478595584
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WIN!: Beautiful Poetry WIN

bacon best of week chalk sign g rated Hall of Fame poetry sign win - 6454153728
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Haiku By a 4th Grader

haiku poetry - 6376873984
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