'Extra Black Olives': Another Pizza Related Malicious Compliance Story

Entitled Customers Demand Extra Black Olives on Their Pizza, Malicious Compliance Ensues

Be careful what you wish for!
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customer service karens pizza pizza delivery karen-customer pizza guy karens in the wild package delivery delivery karen - 1850119

'I want my pizza for free': Karen answers door naked, demands free pizza, pizza guy calls police

This isn't how I remember that going…
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AITA for lying to my gf about how the pizza I made was gluten free?

'I didn't have the heart to tell her that it wasn't gluten free': Horrible guy lies to dieting girlfriend about the pizza he made for dinner

Never lie about what's in someone's food!
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HOA doesn't tip and gets neighborhood banned from pizza ordering

HOA Doesn't Tip On Massive Pizza Order, Gets Whole Neighborhood Blacklisted

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funny signs from pizza places

Funny Pizza Place Signs That Were Sufficiently Saucy And Cheesy

It's dinner and a show.
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wtf pizza gross creepy eels weird animals - 107739393

Dozens Of Eels Demolish A Pizza In Seconds

Alright, that only needs to be seen once.
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Customer buys personal ranch bottle to spite pizza place owner

Customer Buys Personal Ranch To Spite Pizza Place Owner, Internet Is Remarkably Split

Justice can be a slippery thing.
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Family pitches a whole fit about the pizza being too saucy, and then they get served a humbling lesson.

Family Complains About Pizza Sauce, Get Served Humble Pie

Beautifully carried out.
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pizza guy delivers to criminals, gets caught up in police investigation

Dumb Criminals Order Pizza, Pizza Guy Gets Roped Into Police Investigation

What a senseless waste of pizza.
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funny memes about food

Food Memes To Fill The Hole In Our Hungry Lives

The hunger cannot be stopped.
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A customer angrily demands extra cheese on their Alfredo pizza, and they get more than they bargain for.

Customer Demands Extra Cheese On Alfredo Pizza, Sloppy Cheese Catastrophe Ensues

Shouldn't have been so rude, bro.
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An enraged Karen demands more toppings for her pizza, refuses to pay extra, throws her pizza.

Karen Customer Launches Pizza Amidst Toppings Fiasco

Karen brought all the spice that day.
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A Karen customer orders an extra sauced pizza, pitches fit, and then ends up getting a pizza soup.

Karen Customer Orders Extra Sauced Pizza, Pitches Fit, Gets Pizza Soup

Dinner is served, Karen.
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customer service FAIL pizza ridiculous Video tiktok - 2521350

Domino's Pizza Delivery Driver Harshly Deposits Food, Ignites Debate

Maybe he was having an especially terrible shift.
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customer service pizza interesting food Video tiktok - 2463494

Little Caesar's Employee Exposes Pizza Sauce

Ignorance really can be bliss.
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strange interactions delivery drivers had

Weird Encounters Delivery Drivers Had

It takes all kinds.
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