Snap a photo, make that online photography class worth something. These punny snaps will have you putting a filter on your latest masterpiece in no time.

Panorama Mode Accidentally Gave This Tourist The Perfect Selfie Arm

photography whoops selfie failbook - 8347690240
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Nice Timing, or New Messiah?

Perfect Timing photography pool - 8342838528
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Spitting Hot Fire

fire Perfect Timing photography - 8330503936
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Praise the Sun!

Perfect Timing photography lady bits sun - 8340100352
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art awesome photos list photography - 317189

Photographer Sandro Miller Recreates Iconic Portraits With John Malkovich as the Subject

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Hey Check Out This Cool Thing!

photography selfie men vs women dating - 8313178624
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We've All Been There: The Son of a Secret Service Agent Gloriously Faceplants on the President's Couch

photography kids Perfect Timing barack obama - 8313911552
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Seeing Shots Like This, You'll Understand Why Hikers Love Their Hobby

Hiking mother nature ftw photography - 8309208576
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A Completely Different Kind of Au Naturale Art Project

photography art au naturale butt stuff win - 8303404032
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Capturing Ghosts With Quantum Cameras

physics photography science quantum mechanics - 8303168256
ouch taser photography Video - 63898113

That Agony You See is All of These Subjects Undergoing the Taser Photoshoot

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photography pro tip phone life hacks Video failbook g rated - 63866369

How to Make Your Smartphone Pictures Look Passable

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It's Just Hiding, That's All!

photography moon facepalm sun - 8284255744
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Remember: Save the Camera First

gifs photography wedding fail nation g rated - 8266450176
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Mind Nature's Gap

mother nature ftw photography cave - 8274046720
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It's Hard to Tell Where Hong Kong Begins and Ends in Simon Kwan's Cool Photograph

Brother Nature FTW photography hong kong - 8264274944
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