Snap a photo, make that online photography class worth something. These punny snaps will have you putting a filter on your latest masterpiece in no time.

I Take it Back, Add a Filter!

photography instagram filter - 8426102272
Via Acid Cow

A Beautiful Helicopter-Assisted Look at NYC From Above

Brother Nature FTW photography new york - 8425108992
Via Vincent Laforet
photography wisdom instagram Video true facts - 67909377

When You "Like" Dumb Crap on Facebook, we All Lose

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Ready... Aim...

photography cliff hacked irl - 8419513600
Via Lucas Levitan

The Streets of London, Hauntingly Empty and Beautiful on Christmas Day

Brother Nature FTW photography London - 8415631616
Via Laughing Squid

Vacation is All in the Mind

photography clever vacation g rated win - 8412106240
Via Acid Cow

A Ski Resort in Slovenia Freezes Over, Making for a Cool Winter Scene

mother nature ftw photography winter - 8408740864
Via Marko Korošec

The Cartoony Photo Hcaks of Lucas Levitan

photography design hacked irl - 8405428224
Via Lucas Levitan

A Scene from the 2014 Festival of Lights in France

photography lights christmas lights pretty colors - 8405419008
Via Nara Shin

Puddle or Portal?

photography art Perfect Timing - 8404597760

RIP, Good Taste

photography what - 8397960704
Via stlfort

If it Works, Play Ball!

photography clever DIY there I fixed it - 8391378176
Via XiKiilzziX

Just Bill Nye, Representing the Streets That Made Him

bill nye photography juxtaposition Jay Z - 8385576448
Via indigoera

But No, Seriously, I Don't Like Sand

photography star wars nerdgasm hacked irl - 8380985088
Via GallowBoob

A Mythical Animal Prepares a Delicious Meal

dogs photography pets Perfect Timing - 8371440384
Via Brown Cardigan
photography politics Video revenge - 65870081

When an Poltiical Party Uses This Photographer's Material for an Attack Ad, He Strikes Back

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