Snap a photo, make that online photography class worth something. These punny snaps will have you putting a filter on your latest masterpiece in no time.

Somewhere Over the Puke

go home you're drunk photography - 8138494464
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Somebody Get Pick My Brain Up Off the Floor

photography perspective illusion - 8139612416
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The Window Seat Has its Advantages

mother nature ftw photography airplane flying - 8138498816
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This Fish is Just Begging for a Photograph

photography Perfect Timing fish - 8138739712
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photography neat Video - 59808513

With Robotic Cameras, This Photographer is Able to Make the Most Detailed Portraits You've Ever Seen

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Reach for the Clouds

tower photography architecture - 8126210560
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The Sun Pedestal

photography design nifty - 8126194432
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Machamp vs. Dugtrio?

beach photography video games - 8123313152
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A Very Special Portrait of the Prince, the Duke, and the Earl

photography dude parts - 8116940544
Created by Unknown

You See Urban Decay, They See a Photo Op

timing photography photo op - 8111782144
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If You're Going to Get Rid of Your Dreadlocks, do it Well

hair photography haircut - 8106475520
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On This Street in Brazil, Man and Nature Are in Harmony

Brother Nature FTW trees mother nature ftw photography - 8106247168
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This Captain Takes a Better Selfie Than Any of Us

selfie photography boat g rated win - 8096770816
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Heavy Rains on Thick Ice Makes for One Impossible-Looking Photo

photography lake illusion - 8085502720

You Haven't Seen Light Paintings Like This Before

photography art exposure time - 8090881024
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Bill Nye the Fly Guy

bill nye photography Jay Z - 8087094272

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