Grandma Didn't Like the Idea of a Cell Phone...

phones there I fixed it - 7870773248
Created by anselmbe

Forgetting to Take Your Oxygen Tank While Diving

pooping phones failbook - 6701746944
Created by Unknown

There's a Thing for That: It's Called a Camera

phones technology cameras - 7897775360
Created by Unknown

Hide Under The Table!

phones funny web comics AutocoWrecks g rated - 7885583616
Created by Steve ( Via Minmumble )

On the Bright Side, Twitter Looks Great Tonight!

phones facepalm funny dating - 7867336448
Created by Unknown

Smaller and With More Plastic

phones technology newspapers - 7864152064
Created by Unknown

All the Girls at the Party be Like "..."

phones hookup funny - 7852912896

Who Replaced "Draw Something" With "Cards Against Humanity"?

phones accidental sexy funny fail nation g rated - 7844816896
Created by Unknown

I Call BS

nokia phones - 7844540928
Created by Aeshel

Finally, an Answer to Ridiculous Driving Texters

phones Probably bad News texting funny fail nation g rated - 7821437696
Via Laughing Squid

Interact With Your Fellow Humans!

phones restaurants monday thru friday g rated - 7819406336
Created by Unknown

Wonder if He Gets Good Reception

phones cell phones virgin failbook - 7447718656
Created by SammyJoeLulz

Only in China

phones knockoff apple funny - 7798404864
Created by eshortez ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Ya Blue It!

phones texting - 7810214144
Created by Unknown

You Seem Confused

phones android smartphones ios confused Samsung apple failbook g rated - 7807119616
Created by Unknown

Works Every Time

phones cell phones arabic - 7803749632
Created by Unknown