The Most Depressing App of the Day is Exclusively for Bros

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By Unknown

"I'm Sorry, Can You Repeat That Question BUTT SLAYER?"

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By Shepy

Flappy Bird: Hard Mode

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By Unknown

Always Connect to Wi-Fi When You Have the Chance, Friends

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By Unknown
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Meet the Best Snapchatter Ever

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How Stuffy Adults Think Kids Break Up in the Texting Age

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Via Know Your Meme

Use These Emoji Flirts With Your SO and See How Quickly You Get Dumped

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By Unknown

You First...

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By Unknown

Oh Randy...

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People Suck!

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Nokias Are Legitimately Insane

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By Unknown

Phones of Guinness

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By Unknown

Phone Upgrade

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By ntsecrets
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Friendly PSA: Samsung Galaxy S4s Can Catch Fire (And Samsung Would Rather You Not Talk About It)

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That Always Works, Right?

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Via Pleated Jeans

This is What the New Generation Looks Like

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