Talk to the Pocket Because the Face Doesn't Want to Listen

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By vandemusser
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The Ultimate Texting Showdown

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This Superpowered Battery Charger is Going to be the Wave of the Future

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Don't Text and Drive, Unless You're Experts!

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Your "Other Half" is Wine, as it Should Be

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Cloak is the Perfect App for Avoiding Everyone You Never Want to Talk to Ever Again

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Mom Had a Lot of Fun in the 60s

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Hang On a Sec, Crushing Candies

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That's a Feature in the New Android Firmware

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Here's an App to Help With Your Ice Cream-Eating Skills, or Something

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Just Keep on Trucking, You Duck

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No Phone, Except for the Part That's Phone Stuff

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You Probably Have a Smart Phone. Don't Be One of Those People.

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No One Can POSSIBLY Crack the Code Now!

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Someone is Sick of the "Flappy Bird" Exploitation

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At the Very Least, Her Texting Thumbs Are A-OK

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