features of pre-internet society that were nice

Things That Were Nice About Pre-Internet Times

Ye olden days had a certain charm.
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Twitter users share the things about life that kids can no longer do, and no longer have to do.

Twitter Users Share The Things Kids These Days Can't Do

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reasons previous decades sucked

17 Things People Admit That Sucked About the 70s, 80s and 90s

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twitter phones FAIL trolling technology - 1286149

Troll Renames Flight Wi-Fi 'Galaxy Note 7' and Angry Passengers Live-Tweet the Terrible Experience

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Save the Probes for the Second Date

phones autocorrect spelling funny - 7591437568
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Returning a Phone is Hard

phones texting - 7757833472
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phones FAIL technology old people selfie Video - 79192065

These Women Take the "It's a Video, Not a Picture" Prank to Another Level By Doing it To Themselves

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phones hotline bling Video - 75641345

Hotline Bling on Actual Phones is My Jam of the Day

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Missing a Phone Call Never Bothered Me Anyways

phones technology frozen - 8528768000
Created by Katy
phones sports baseball girls selfie Video - 126215

Listen As Two MLB Announcers Tear Into Sorority Girls at a Baseball Game

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Now That's A Wall of Text

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Too Bad There Isn't an Online Media Platform You Can Use to Share Information...

facepalm really phones - 8083748608
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You Have a Point...

cops phones - 7963654144
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But Mom, You Said it Wouldn't Work if I Did That!

kids parenting phones - 7936437760
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That Should Ward Off All of the Junk Pics

snapchat phones jealous funny - 7534985472
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Silly Cats, You Can't Use Telephones!

Cats phones - 6157027840
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