dog fakes leg injury and gets taken to the vet

Dog Mimics Owner Who Injured Foot, Avoidable Vet Fees Ensue

Loyalty right there.
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dog gets pregnant and owner demands child support | Posted by u/juhjbft 1 day ago 2 3 2 2 8 3 AITA not paying my neighbor's dog's "child support Yes read right Not hole This story is going sound ridiculous, especially with story yesterday about dogs cheating but assure this isn't shitpost My neighbor's dog recently got pregnant and she claims my dog did which is likely because her dog often escaped into my yard and she lets her dog roam around s annoying cuz her dog shits my yard.

Negligent Neighbor Demands Dog Child Support

Is that a thing?
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funny posts about neighborhood cat that steals people's stuff | Karen Neighbours Aug. 12 Laity/122 area if are missing these pm My cat out stealing again. Like Comment Share 64 Tina N Bad cat, bad cat, whatcha gunna do! 7 139051 SEATE 3 Write comment

Frustrated Owner Posts All The Stuff Their Cat Steals

The cat likes gloves.
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Various things that people's pets have done that were worryingly smart | wererat2000 had cat learned open fridge, and then my dog started begging my cat food. And then cat started getting into fridge just feed dog.

Worryingly Smart Stunts By People's Pets

That cat was just trying to help a friend out.
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Friendly reminder for people that want to buy pets during the holidays | holidays are coming up, and as someone who works pet store there are some things want everyone who plans on getting animals as gifts remember: fish tanks need be set up and running at least one week before fish can be put all fish need treated water and bacteria supplements. fish can only survive plastic bag about an hour ONLY fish can go bowl is BETTA. all other fish, especially goldfish, will die/be very unhealthy bowls.

Pet Store Employee Shares Friendly Holiday Reminder

Don't underestimate how loud birds are.
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Dad misplaces his daughter's hamster, and then a heartfelt breakdown ensues | Padre Please call soon as get this 's an emergency dad do not freak out 's just hamster will find him Delivered

Dad Misplaces Daughter's Hamster, Breakdown Ensues

Crisis averted this time around for dad.
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Mick Foley Mankind video on spaying and neutering your pets

Mick Foley as Mankind Doing a Pet PSA

You heard him.
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funny awkward sleeping dogs | funny sleeping positions smushed faces weird legs

Dogs Who Fell Asleep In Creative Ways

Wow, they're artists
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Things pets learned or were accidentally trained to do | mother_of_dragons011 8.1k points 13 hours ago My cat will open tray my Xbox he thinks been playing too long. Even if just started

Things People Accidentally Trained Their Pets to Do

They're smart, man.
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Pets and animals that are so relaxed they look like they've melted | pudgy bird sitting down

Animals that Basically Melted

It's hard to get that relaxed.
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A very lucky dog gets to have the best day of his life | r/tifu Join u/AntipatheticDating 1d 1 1 1 1 1 TIFU by giving my dog unintentionally best damn day his life So this TIFU isn't as crazy or wild as others read, but thought others would appreciate much l'm laughing but many horrible regrets have over this situation.

Lucky Dog Has Best Day Of His Life

Hot dogs for the win.
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puffy dogs and cats from run-ins with bees

Pets that had Run-Ins with Bees

Lesson learned, hopefully.
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Tumblr thread explains cats' path toward domestication | koryos CATS let's talk about housecats and fucking weird they are evolutionarily/anthropologically like who thought good idea have tiny malicious predators our homes anyways not us actually) are they even domesticated yes) do they even feel LOVE yes) LET'S LEARN ABOUT CATS

Tumblr Thread: Cats And Their Journey To Domestication

Yay, cat history stuff.
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Pet owner accidentally starts a war between their cat and dog | Tifu by starting war between my cat and dog. S This all began last week after decided treat my cats new kitty condo. My boy loved played with fuzzy ball on spring and fuzzy ball dangled inside hide away all time course this created some jealousy my dog poor fuzzy ball on spring didn't even make 24 hours before my dog tore off and decided his tear up.

Owner Accidentally Starts War Between Cat And Dog

Cat got the last laugh.
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Vegans get called fake for feeding their cat meat. | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/edenflicka 16 hours ago 3 AITA calling ourselves vegan? So both vegan and have been years. Last year got beautiful cat who is grand baby neither our parents will ever have. She's obviously an obligate carnivore and been feeding her kibble and wet food. Unfortunately, where she came wasn't very good situation and she had horrible teeth rescued her s not come point where if she's painful she doesn't want eat kibble an

Vegans Called Fake Because They Feed Their Cat Meat

This was an argument?
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Funny and weird animal memes and moments | go out and someone's wearing same outfit as white dog wearing a cone around its neck looking at a lamp | slab-o-meat anyone got picture cat dunked its face nacho cheese punch

Funny and Weird Animal Memes and Moments

They're doing their best.
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