funny cat shaming

Bad Cats Who Were Shamed For Their Terrible Crimes

Do they even know what they did?
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funny cute dogs in bags

Dogs In Bags Living Their Best Lives

The cat's out of the bag and the dog is in.
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16 text based images thread on husband, wife wants to get rid of dog | thumbnail "ANameWithoutMeaning · 8d Partassipant [1] NTA. You say you'd rather keep the dog than your marriage, and I think that pretty much settles the issue. Also, if you do end up having to choose between one or the other, I am 99% certain the dog will be the better choice for you in the long run. You said that you might be the asshole because you're "expected to put [your] wife first."

Husband Tells Wife She Can't Get Rid Of The Dog, Gets Rid Of Her Instead

Peace out lady
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repairman lets strange dog into customer's house

Repair Tech Lets Nice Dog Into Customer's House, Both Think It's The Other's Dog

Confidence can take you anywhere.
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cruel girlfriend throws cat on street, boyfriend kicks her out

Girlfriend Moves In And Kicks Out Cat, Boyfriend Kicks Out Girlfriend

That's the way it goes.
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woman steals man's dog because it's wearing a muzzle

Mistaken Stranger Tries To Liberate Dude's Muzzled Dog

Oh boy.
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wtf fish Karen would rather throw fish in trash than give them away

Green Aquarium Karen Would Rather Throw Fish In Trash Than Give Them Away

Those poor fish.
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stories about people who chose between relationship partners and pets

People Who Had To Choose Between Partners and Pets

The usual outcome is either surprising or not, depending on your opinion of pets.
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pet drama people witness

Intriguing Pet Drama People Have Witnessed

Wow they're just like us.
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Pet store employee stops Karen from buying a starfish for her kids

Pet Store Employee Stops Karen From Torturing Starfish

No Karen, it's not that easy.
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cats, dogs and birds who destroyed people's things

Animals Who Shamelessly Wrecked Stuff

What are you? Some kind of animal?
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A collection of the dumbest things that people have seen their pets do.

Dumbest Things People's Pets Have Done

Animals are quite silly.
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ferret humor wholesome tik tok pets ridiculous funny - 2095878

Deaf Ferret Has Absolute Cutest Surprise Face

So much wholesome that it hurts.
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dog fakes leg injury and gets taken to the vet

Dog Mimics Owner Who Injured Foot, Avoidable Vet Fees Ensue

Loyalty right there.
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dog gets pregnant and owner demands child support | Posted by u/juhjbft 1 day ago 2 3 2 2 8 3 AITA not paying my neighbor's dog's "child support Yes read right Not hole This story is going sound ridiculous, especially with story yesterday about dogs cheating but assure this isn't shitpost My neighbor's dog recently got pregnant and she claims my dog did which is likely because her dog often escaped into my yard and she lets her dog roam around s annoying cuz her dog shits my yard.

Negligent Neighbor Demands Dog Child Support

Is that a thing?
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funny posts about neighborhood cat that steals people's stuff | Karen Neighbours Aug. 12 Laity/122 area if are missing these pm My cat out stealing again. Like Comment Share 64 Tina N Bad cat, bad cat, whatcha gunna do! 7 139051 SEATE 3 Write comment

Frustrated Owner Posts All The Stuff Their Cat Steals

The cat likes gloves.
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