When Duty and Nature Call

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Those Bricks Are Made From Pee

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The Solution is ALWAYS to Pee Yourself

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Goes Without Saying

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Hamburg Doesn't Like Drunken Urinators

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A Little Tip for the Gents

peeing with morning wood is complicated.
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Asparagus Does Strange Things to Your Pee

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This Way You Don't Have to Get Up to Get More Beer

a keg in a bathroom
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Conman in Blackpool Sells Urine as Whisky

conman sells urine as whiskey
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It's Going to Hit Him in the Back of the Head

moon pee astronaut funny - 8424505088
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Have You Ever Been So Drunk?

Drunk guy peeing at a urinal doing a handstand
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Does it Make Your Pee Smell?

beer pee funny - 8419357696
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One of These Bottles Has Beer in it, the Other Has Pee. Which Is Which?

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Asparagus and Pee

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Give Your Husband Some Credit

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