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funny passive aggressive gym notes

15 Times People Left Painfully Passive Aggressive Notes at the Gym

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The Year's Most Painfully Passive Aggressive Notes

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Friendly Reminder That Social Media Is Public

Via Imgur

Every Single Time

Via distinguishedbaloney

This Apartment Complex is Prone to Possessions, Please Be Considerate

dating funny signs This Apartment Complex is Prone to Possessions, Please Be Considerate
Via baldwin7869

Does this mean we can get hazard pay now?

basic instructions dickhead co-workers dickheads fridge politics kill yourself lazy mess microwave office kitchen paper signs passive aggressive pig sty Sad sass screw you signage slovenly work smarter not harder - 3242379776
Created by Unknown

How to Tell the Neighbor Kids Hate You

Via Skalinsky

What About Water?

passive aggressive signs water fountain - 3982088704

Get It Together, Ashley

work passive aggressive shoes Get It Together, Ashley
Via BlindiRL

Somebody Doesn't Know How To Meme

note passive aggressive tldr troll Y U NO - 4489584384
Created by Unknown

Passive Aggressive Dish Wars

marriage chores dishes passive aggressive failbook g rated - 8491810816
Created by WTF

Just Take the Damn Sweets!

candy diet note passive aggressive - 5310430464
Created by maxystone ( Via Passive Aggressive Notes )

Jesus Just Wants to Spread that Great Low-Calorie Taste

Via Bro My God

Thanks, Mystery Stranger!

notes passive aggressive signs - 3801510656
Created by Unknown

The Recycle Must Be Full...

boxes note passive aggressive recycle - 4407093248
Created by Ainotna

I'd Like To Buy A Vowel

notes passive aggressive - 4111725056
Created by Unknown

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