passive aggressive

Just Take the Damn Sweets!

candy diet note passive aggressive - 5310430464
Created by maxystone ( Via Passive Aggressive Notes )

Jesus Just Wants to Spread that Great Low-Calorie Taste

Via Bro My God

Thanks, Mystery Stranger!

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Created by Unknown

The Recycle Must Be Full...

boxes note passive aggressive recycle - 4407093248
Created by Ainotna

I'd Like To Buy A Vowel

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Created by Unknown


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Created by Unknown

Maybe This Sign Is Unnecessary

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Created by Unknown

Super-Passive Aggression

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Created by amberino66

Passive Aggression, Meet IDGAF

Via Brodoor

Passive-Aggressive Dish Wars

passive aggressive - 4758129664
Created by Bluepen

I Won't Argue With You Anymore

bathroom dave hal HAL 9000 paper towel passive aggressive - 4652102400
Created by Unknown

Pac-Manic Mondays

art atari boredom creativity in the workplace cubicle boredom decoration depressing dickhead co-workers doodle dry erase lazy pac man passive aggressive retarded Sad screw you video game wasteful work smarter not harder - 3660887552
Created by Unknown

Chair Explained

assinine awesome co-workers not basic instructions boredom chair cubicle boredom dickheads Gravity hardware paper signs passive aggressive ridiculous sass screw you signage wiseass - 3511913472
Created by Unknown
cars road rage bike passive aggressive Video - 69800193

When the Unstoppable Biker Jerk Meets the Immovable Car-Driving Jerk, Everyone Loses

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Not What I Meant

homeless literal passive aggressive - 4037820416
Created by s1ren

He Takes His Work Lying Down.

awesome co-workers not bed boredom busted cubicle boredom desk ergonomics lazy nap passive aggressive Sad sleep sleeping sloth tired work smarter not harder - 3569263104
Created by Unknown

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