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Passive-Aggressive Dish Wars

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By Bluepen

I Won't Argue With You Anymore

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Pac-Manic Mondays

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Chair Explained

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When the Unstoppable Biker Jerk Meets the Immovable Car-Driving Jerk, Everyone Loses

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Not What I Meant

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By s1ren

He Takes His Work Lying Down.

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By Unknown

Fire Free

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By Unknown

Pay for your supplies again

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By badlibrary

This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

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Or Just Leave Notes About It

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People Just Want a Little Variety

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I Didn't Ask for the Sass, iPhone

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Thank GOODNESS You Have an Oversharing Mom With No Shame!

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The Questions That Keep Canadians Up at Night

Canada polite passive aggressive failbook g rated - 8329025536
By WittyUserName0426

Yeah, Don't Just Issue Vaguely-Worded Warnings, Jerks!

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