baseball parenting lol dad foul ball win - 107301121

Dad Catches Foul Ball While Holding Kid

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ouch sports FAIL baseball parenting ridiculous Video - 107296001

Son Accidentally Nails His Dad In The Head With Baseball Bat

Dude, you're not good.
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entitled mom demands flyer entertain her kid, flyer refuses and confrontation ensues

Entitled Mom Demands Fellow Flyer Entertain Her Kid, Flyer Has None Of It

There are a few kinds of flyers.
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Mom calls the cops on son's friend for playing video games too much.

Mom Calls Cops On Son's Friend For Playing Video Games Nonstop, Asks If She Was Wrong

Sounds like it might've been necessary.
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An enraged Karen demands more toppings for her pizza, refuses to pay extra, throws her pizza.

Karen Customer Launches Pizza Amidst Toppings Fiasco

Karen brought all the spice that day.
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Dad oversleeps, his son goes for a lengthy adventure, and a full on panic attack ensues.

Dad Oversleeps, Son Goes On Adventure, Parental Panic Attack Ensues

His life must've flashed before his eyes.
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entitled irresponsible dad borrows car, crashes it and then sells it

Dirtbag Dad Crashes Son's Car And Sells It

Alright, that's like some modern Shakespearean tragedy BS.
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A funny Tumblr post about a mom's approach to providing her kids healthy coping skills.

Tumblr Post: Mom Provides Kids Remarkable Coping Skills

Mom of the year right here.
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crunchy parent sister in law throws away all single use baby products, refuses to pay for them

Hippie Sister-In-Law Disapproves of Disposable Diapers, Throws Them All Away

Genius idea.
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Woman live tweets her kid's hilarious commentary while they were on their flight together.

Woman Live Tweets 6-Year-Old Seatmate's Hilarious Flight Commentary

Kids are actually hilarious sometimes.
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Son moves his money to a new bank account after his parents threaten to take his.

Son Moves Money To New Bank Account When Parents Said They'd Take It

Definitely a tough call there.
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Mom makes her husband go alone with the kids to Disneyland, and then asks if she's a jerk.

Mom Makes Husband Go Alone With Kids To Disneyland, Asks If She's A Jerk

He was understandably not stoked.
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angry dad demands kid hold gun without his permission

Entitled Dad Is Furious His Son Needs Permission To Hold Gun

Uh, okay man.
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A 21-year-old son comes home late, his mom calls his boss, so he calls his mom out.

21-Year-Old Son Comes Home Late, Mom Calls Son's Boss, Son Calls Mom Out

Sounds like there are some boundary issues.
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wholesome WoW mr rogers observation parenting mom Video - 107145217

Mr. Rogers' Observation Hits Mom Like A Ton Of Bricks

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Daughter's viral Twitter thread ends up securing her dad a new job at Costco.

Daughter's Twitter Thread Secures Dad New Job At Costco

The internet can accomplish some good for this world.
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