coworkers parenting workplace - 16817157

Entitled Coworker Thinks That Her Leave is More Important Because She Has Kids, Tries to Guilt Trip Coworker Into Giving Her Booked Leave

You're not more important just because you have kids.
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annoying double standards

Societal Double Standards That Boil People's Blood

Oh cool, great.
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in-laws want to name daughter after grandpa, throw boy baby shower

New Mom Expects Daughter, Delusional In-Laws Want Boy To Name After Grandpa, Throw Grandpa-Themed Baby Shower

Dear lord.
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mom won't change her own kid's diaper, asks daycare worker to do it while she's off work

Entitled Parent Won't Change Her Own Kid's Diaper, Insists Daycare Worker Do It Off The Clock

What a delight.
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AITA for dropping him and his daughter off at a rental car place states away from home?

Woman's Boyfriend Can't Control His Entitled Daughter When They Invite Themselves On Her Holiday, She Leaves Them At a Car Rental and Tells Them to Find Their Way Home

After her boyfriend invited himself and his brat daughter on this mother's holiday with her sons, they could not have been on worse behavior. After putting up with the daughter's entitled behavior for most of the trip, the mother snapped and sent them packing, leaving them at a car rental agency and telling them to find their way home. The altercation between the couple occurred after a series of infuriating events enabled by the boyfriend, Dave, a 44-year-old male and perpetrated by his 17-yea…
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funny tweets about kids getting names wrong

Twitter Thread: Kids Trying And Failing At Hard Names

"Meet my son, Dump Truck."
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pro revenge revenge parenting family Father - 16721413

Dejected Son Destroys Cheating Father's Life, Takes Everything In All-Out Family Warfare, Leaves Him With Nothing

This son had a tempestuous relationship with his old man. The two briefly reconciled when his dad got cancer, only for his dad's adultery to be revealed. He supported his mother through separation from his father, which put him squarely in the crosshairs of his dad's “traditional” family. After an encounter with the family, a plot began to take shape. This story was posted to Reddit's r/prorevenge subreddit but strayed well into “Nuclear Revenge” territory. In this story, u/thunderkerg tells ho…
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plant mom's family steals and sell plants

Plant Mom's Sister-In-Law and Niece Say They'll Watch Plants, Cut Up And Sell The Pieces

That's a bundle.
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AITA for calling my coworker a hypocrite for giving her baby a “nerdy” name?

Joker of a Coworker Names Their Kid After Their Fandom, Criticizes Woman For Doing the Same

Another round of “Millennial Fandom Baby Names” has kicked off this week. In one corner, we have this coworker who idolizes the Joker and Harley Quinn, and in the other, we have this Harry Potter “Potterhead.” The hypocritical coworker is criticizing the Harry Potter fan for wanting to name their child after a Harry Potter character. The thing is, the coworker has already named their kid after a character from their fandom too.
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I witnessed Entitled Mother getting destroyed | Photo of a subway

Woman Screams at Disabled Teen to Move From Reserved Seating, Flees in Disgrace When He Reveals His Disability

There's something to be said here about not judging a book by its cover. There's also equally as much to be said here about not being an insane and entitled a-hole to other people while in public spaces… or ever for that matter.
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aita siblings parenting entitled sister Reddit - 16631557

Entitled Sister Drops Her Kids Off For Unscheduled Babysitting, So Sibling Drops Them Off At a Daycare, Forces Sister to Pay

What would you do if your sister dropped her kids by unannounced when you had important obligations to attend?
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aita marriage parenting Reddit - 16600069

Husband Kicked Out of Delivery Room, Goes Home and Misses Birth of Son

When a birthing mother was taken into the delivery room, she asked that only her mother and sister be allowed to enter. This took her husband by surprise as they had never discussed anything of the sort. In a dejected confusion, he decided that he was going to go home if he wasn't needed. u/aitathawayiwenthome shared this story about his experience to Reddit's r/AmItheAsshole subreddit, where it earned 15.6k upvotes and 6.7k comments. It's hard to place just precisely what went wrong during wha…
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AITA for gifting my mom and her husband a book on cheating for their anniversary?

Dejected Son Gives Adulterous Mother and Step-Father a Novel Centered on Cheating for Their Anniversary

This teenage son still hasn't forgiven his mother for her affair when he was ten years old. So, when she married the man she had been cheating with, he gave her a book on cheating for their anniversary. This week, Reddit user u/IGaveTheBook turned to the r/AmItheAsshole subreddit seeking advice and insight on his actions. Contributors often post to this subreddit for third-party insight into their issues, asking readers and commenters whether or not they are the a-hole in the situation. u/IGave…
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parenting trends people don't like

Questionable Parenting Trends That People Are Sick Of

They're our future, or something.
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sugar free helicopter mom upset that her son had birthday cake

No-Sugar Helicopter Mom Demands Parents Punish Their Child For Giving Her Son Cake

Oh boy.
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aita yennefer the witcher parenting the witcher 3 ciri netflix Reddit geralt - 16562437

Exasperated Husband Rebuffs Wife's Wishes to Name Fifth Child After Characters From 'The Witcher', Internet Says He's Wrong

I'd like you to meet my daughter "Princess Cirilla".
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