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Sibling Has No Attachment to Their Step-Nieces and Nephews, Enrages Their Mother

AITA for telling my niece and nephews stepmom her kids are not my problem?
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dumb and funny things kids did

Funny Signs Kids Are Dumb As Heck

Who knows, maybe they'll turn out okay.
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Guy Exposes Son's Step Dad When Step Dad Steals Son's Present

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line cutters at border get instant karma

Line Cutters At Border Get Instant Customs Karma

Well, isn't it the consequences of my actions.
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teacher demands to talk to mom, parent brings ashes

Teacher Insists On Talking To Mom, Parent Brings Wife's Ashes

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People describe the dumbest things that their parents actually ended up believing in.

Dumbest Things That People's Parents Actually Believed

Actually too much.
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Dad's child-free brother calls himself a "dog dad", so dad calls his brother out.

Dad's Childless Brother Calls Himself "Dog Dad", Dad Gets Upset

Wow, supremely uncool.
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Highway Traffic Jam Inspires Dads To Launch Full On Investigation

They're determined to get to the bottom of it.
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Son can't afford rent, moves back in with parents, dad sets rules, and son flips out.

Son Can't Afford Rent, Moves Back In With Parents, Dad Sets Rules, Son Flips Out

Just a little bit of entitlement going on there.
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nephews fed vegan food for a week, mom has a meltdown

Nephews Fed Vegan Food, Mom Has Meltdown, Calls It Abuse

Oh, cool.
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A collection of highly entertaining parenting memes.

Parenting Memes For The World's Sleep-Deprived Parents

Parenting's quite the emotional rollercoaster.
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Dad expects his daughter to pay him back for an emergency Uber ride.

Dad Expects Daughter To Pay Him Back For Emergency Uber Ride

Dad sounds just a bit clueless here.
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People describe the exaggerated warnings that they received when younger that seem terribly blown out of proportion.

Exaggerated Warnings People Got When They Were Younger

Poor guidance to say the least.
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Mom tries to impersonate her daughter to gain access to daughter's account info, and debt collector sees through it.

Mom Tries To Impersonate Daughter For Account Info, Debt Collector Calls Mom Out

Nice try, mom.
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kids won't wear seatbelt and miss flight

Nephews Refuse To Wear Seatbelts, Miss Their Own Flight

Is there even a debate here?
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Dad punishes his son for calling him by his first name.

Dad Punishes Son For Calling Him By His First Name

Kids can be such troublemakers.
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