cringey video of a karate guy failing to chop coconuts

Karate Guy Attempts To Chop Coconuts On Live TV, Fails Ensue

Ouch, ouch, ouch.
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video compilations wins successes

Wins of the Week - December 2020

Sometimes humans don't fail.
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A collection of times that people realized they ended up marrying the wrong person. | GrandMoffDuce 3y she took her son Disney world family vacation and left and my son at home take care dog told her divorcing her day she got back.

Times People Realized They Married The Wrong Person

Just, ouch.
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funny video fail compilation

Best Video Fails Of December (So Far)

The fails just keep on coming.
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Stephen Piscotty unlucky baseball player sports fail video

Stephen Piscotty Hit Three Times In Same Inning

Some kind of curse was at play.
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stories of things people won't do again | Dragontre 26.3k points 3 days ago Living with couple. Roommates suck general but 3 times my life split an apartment with couple and awkward at best, and truly miserable they fought.

Things People Did and Said "Never Again"

Some stuff doesn't even deserve a first try.
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golfer hits crowd with ball

Pro Golfer Injures Spectators With Consecutive Shots

Those shanks will get ya.
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Stories of big risks people took for a stupid reason | mingk 409 points 3 days ago Licked raw chicken prove not all chicken had Salmonella.

People's Dumbest "High Risk Low Reward" Moments

We'll do stupid things to make a small point.
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distracted biker gets karma

Pay Attention Biker Gets Instant Karma

He rode right into that one.
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Not fun facts about horrible and terrible things | gkibbe 20.7k points 10 hours ago People who handle cockroaches develop allergies them. This usually prevents them drinking pre- ground coffee because cockroaches get grounded with large batches.

Not-So-Fun Facts To Feel Bad About

Oh... cool.
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Wasp appears in guy's bathroom, and he fails at taking it out when he has the chance | So wake up and head bathroom take my morning shit open door and hear buzzing and notice Satan himself has decided pay visit and is flying about my shower curtains immediately noped out there and begin brainstorming kill this bastard had determined point entry my window as slightly ajar seal weak point and prepare suit up then spend next 20 minutes putting on multiple layers clothing, 2 pairs socks going on top

Wasp Spawns In Guy's Bathroom, Duel Ensues

The wasp is victorious.
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steve-o gordon ramsay extreme omelette cooking

Steve-O Makes Omelette, Then Takes Hot Sauce To The Eyeball

Steve-O always escalates the situation.
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Story of a guy who panic bought a ton of very spicy ramen | r/tifu Posted by u/GiveItARestYhYh 3 days ago 2 2 F2 4 2 TIFU by panic buying 40 packs hottest instant ramen on planet without actually reading description. M 10 days ago, my younger sister started developing cough. Understanding now need shut myself at least two weeks set about getting few supplies. Near enough everything completely sold out online, however managed find an amazon listing 40pcks ramen. Couldn't believe my luck! All were

Guy Accidentally Panic Bought Only Incredibly Spicy Ramen

That explains why it was the only one left.
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Son says that he hears bees at night, and the parents doubt him. They end up getting stung by hundreds from the attic | r/tifu posted by dudecheckthis TIFU by not believing my son heard bees Some really liked my FU about strip club with kids, so thought share another! Could probably have whole dad series, though not sure should brag about

Son Says He Hears Bees At Night, Parents Don't Believe Him, Stinging Ensues

Should've taken the kid more seriously!
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Two price is right fails that were so close.

Two Painfully Close "Price Is Right" Overbids in a Row

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People share how they got scars.

People Share The Crazy Ways They Got Their Scars

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