minor painful relatable injuries

Minor Injuries That Are Way More Painful Than They Deserve To Be

Work your magic, trailer hitch.
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stories of people's stupidest injuries

The Stupidest Injuries People Have Sustained

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things that are too painful

Things That Physically Hurt Way More Than They Should

The shin is a failure of evolution.
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stories about things people did only once

Things People Did Once And Will Never Do Again

Caves. Not even once.
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Man fails to check smoothie ingredients, and gets blindsided by all the creatine.

Man Fails To Check Smoothie Ingredients, Gets Blindsided By All The Creatine

So much ouch in one smoothie.
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A spicy food connoisseur gets humbled by the wildly unforgiving "One Chip" challenge.

Spicy Food Connoisseur Gets Humbled By Demonically Spicy Chips

Sounds like way, way, way too much.
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ouch surprising baseball painful MLB Video tiktok - 2732550

Dude Tries To Sneak Onto Fenway Field, Gets Crushed

Oh, the sting of regret.
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impressive hockey NHL awesome painful ridiculous win - 107383809

Boston Bruins Player Blocks Shot, Breaks Leg, Finishes Shift

Way to go, Greg.
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sports golf injury cringe painful ridiculous dangerous Video - 107047169

Pro Golfer Shanks Golf Ball Into The Crowd Twice

Tough day to be in the crowd.
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sports FAIL cringe baseball painful ridiculous Video - 106909953

Pirates Fan Takes Home Run Ball To The Privates, A Breakdown

Impressive pain threshold.
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Dude ends up enduring the mother of all back spasms during a date.

Dude Endures The Mother Of All Back Spasms While On Date

Tough timing.
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ouch FAIL white claw painful ridiculous Video - 2241798

Guy Attempts Seltzer Challenge, Fails Hard

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video of Australian TV host getting pinched by crab as he screams

Crab Pinches The Dickens Out Of Australian TV Host

He made it very clear that it hurt.
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acrobatics parenting painful dad ridiculous funny - 106339073

Dad Fully Commits To Front Flip, Pain Ensues

The effort was absolutely there.
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funny guy falling in mud

Poor Lad Can't Handle The Muddy Walk

No luck was had that day.
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Dude takes on burger challenge, and ends up paying the price in pain. | TIFU by eating challenge burger at local business. M TL;DR ate really spicy burger free but paid with pain. Edit: Some have asked if tipped waitress. No did not due not having any cash on at time. Apparently fucked up twice s get being born human. This actually happened yesterday, but am still feeling effects.

Dude Takes On Challenge Burger At Local Business, Pays The Price

Lesson learned the hard way.
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