NO paid over time ? No worries |  Come payday my friend asks the boss where's the overtime pay. He gets the reply " we don't pay overtime anymore."  My friend replies" sure but remember I don't work for free"  The next day it comes knock off time and my friend is about an hour from the milk plant with a full load of milk.

'You can't do that': Company says no overtime, tanker driver threatens to abandon full load on side of road

Sometimes dealing with management is like dealing with a toddler: You can't just tell them their ideas are bad; you need to apply a negative stimulus — resulting from the idea itself — that shows them why their idea is bad. Trying to simply explain something to either a toddler or a manager is going to get you nowhere — and probably trigger an emotionally deregulated tantrum. That's what this tanker driver decided to do when their manager flat out told them that they weren't going to be paid fo…
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