So Seductive!

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ouch FAIL painful Video - 418054

Oblivious Boyfriend Eats It While Paddle Boarding

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ouch skateboarding FAIL fail video - 417286

Skateboarder In The Library Gets Dewey Decimated

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ouch scary twitter wtf reptile gross painful live tweet ridiculous lizard - 5539333

Reptile Rescue Worker Tweets Gruesome Story About Lizard Getting Into Guy's Leg

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ouch parenting painful Video - 331782

Buckle Up For Dad's Epic FAIL At BMX

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Video of a kid trying to pull of backseat dive stunt goes wrong.

Kid Trying Backseat Dive Stunt GONE WRONG

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Video of guy trying to break into store, who ends up getting dealt brutal instant karma when he tries to flee the scene.

Instant Karma Squashes Angry Lunatic Who Smashes Store Window

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First Person Perspective Just Made This WAY More Painful

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When You're Def Watching, But Your Eyes Are In the Wrong Direction

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When You Stick That Landing Too Hard

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Here's a Gif of the World's Best Tee-ball Player Striking Out and Hitting a Homerun at the Same Time

fail gif girl hits sister with bat
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ouch jump Subway - 84660737

This Lady Tries To Jump the Subway Tracks and She Could Go All The — Nope, She Eats It

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FAIL deadpool ouch Video - 84550401

Well It Finally Happened, The Roof-to-Pool Leaping Daredevil Missed, and Watching it Will Make You Happy You Never Tried It

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ouch live news FAIL scooter right in the face Video - 84188929

This Reporter Learns Why You Should Always Wear a Helmet (The Hard Way)

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ouch FAIL football Video - 84156929

Watch This Buffalo Bills Tailgater Supercharged on Adrenaline and Liquid Courage Destroy His Leg While Jumping Through a Table

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