face of vlogger gets an octopus

Woman Plays With Octopus And Painful Fail Ensues

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Thank Goodness It Was Sand!

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people getting roasted

7 People Get Roasted And Toasted To Sweet Completion

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bad days, unfortunate, unlucky day, phone locked for years, man stuck in playground

20+ People Who've Had Absolutely Terrible Days

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Water Slide And Beer Don't Mix Well

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ouch facebook anti-vaxxers ridiculous stupid - 8328709

Guy's Anti-Vaxxer Cousin Goes Full Stupid, Gets Clocked In The Comments

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At Least You Tried!

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nba James Harden eye injury

James Harden's Gnarly Eye Injury Gets Dunked On By Savage Memes

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Wait for it...

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guy gets surprise after changing stranger's car tire

Guy Gets Painful Surprise After Helping Stranger Change His Tire Late At Night

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The Spirit Of Monday In One GIF

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ouch gifs painful fail gif wipeout ridiculous - 9281817344
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clumsy girlfriend tries to help boyfriend but ends up hurting herself instead

Unintentional Super Cringe Ensues When Girl Tries To Be Her Injured Boyfriend's Hero

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ouch FAIL cringe painful fail gif ridiculous - 7251205

FAIL FRIDAY: This Week's Gnarliest Fails To Fuel Your Friday Grind

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ouch sports FAIL cringe painful fail gif ridiculous - 7072517

10 Fantastic Fails To Make Darwin Roll Over In HIs Grave

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ouch FAIL cringe painful fail gif ridiculous - 6835461

10 Fantastic Fails That We Shouldn't Be Laughing At

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