news wtf english interesting language lol accent funny - 107347969

Irish Shepherd's Accent Is Absolutely Immense

Yeah, what he said.
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live news wtf sports fire soccer football Video - 107475713

Sports Story Becomes Fire Story As Fire Breaks Out On Air

What a scoop.
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news wtf haunted house cringe Awkward reporter Video - 107468033

Cringe News Reporter Is The Wrong Vibe For Haunted House

Looks fun?
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funny classified ads from newspapers

Wild Classified Ads That Show Humanity At Its Finest

Good old print media.
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news sports nfl controversial awesome football Video - 2736390

Justin Tucker Kicks Game-Winning, Longest Field Goal In NFL History

Um, delay of game though.
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Bill Burr cringe interview

Morning Show Host Tries To Shame Bill Burr, Fails Miserably

Shouldn't have told him to Google it.
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humor Dalai Lama news jokes funny Video - 107278593

Man Shares Joke With Dalai Lama, Infinite Laughter Ensues

Seems like he enjoyed it.
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news wtf absurd car accident bees lol ridiculous - 107256577

The Time A Guy Crashed Into Bees

It's like it's straight out of an Adam Sandler movie.
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news FAIL lol truck lake boat mistake - 107184385

Truck Rolls Down Boat Launch Into Lake During News Broadcast

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surprising news earthquake Video - 107173633

Newscaster Changes Gears Instantaneously When Earthquake Warning Starts

She nailed it.
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humor insects bugs news ridiculous live tv funny Video - 107148545

News Reporter Accidentally Swallows Bug On Live TV, Loses It

Hey man, extra protein.
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cameraman gets food poisoning at old folks home and ends up filming self

News Cameraman Gets Food Poisoning at Old Folks Home, Films More Than He Bargained For

It's a rough job.
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news wtf beach bateria texas report - 107068417

Report On High Fecal Levels Plays Out With Tons of People In Water Anyway

So who's gonna tell them?
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news FAIL cringe Awkward awesome martial arts ridiculous funny Video - 107045633

News Anchor Manages To Ruin Fake Martial Artist's Career In One Move

So it goes.
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An interesting story about how Subway's tuna isn't actually tuna.

Subway Under Fire For Iffy Tuna Sandwiches

Subway's getting all fish out here.
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humor news ridiculous Cats funny Video animals - 106932225

Cat Interrupts CBS Newscast To Chase A Fly

Remember, cats are highly intelligent creatures.
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