What's in a name, really? An identity? Sometimes a joke that will follow you until you're 6 feet under. Whether your parents had the forethought to name you Ben Dover or Richard Small, sometimes we just wish we could forget about our names. That's what the internet is for though, to dig up those hilarious names that need to be out in the world.

funny tweets about kids getting names wrong

Twitter Thread: Kids Trying And Failing At Hard Names

"Meet my son, Dump Truck."
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funny pet finder names

Amazing Pet Finder Names That Definitely Kind of Work

"This is our new cat, Antihistamine."
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tumblr thread about stupid scientific names

Tumblr Thread: Stupid But Widely Accepted Scientific Terminology

Of course it's called that.
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tricked funny names school jokes lol names prank silly stupid - 107333121

School Board Earnestly Reads List of Gag Names

Phil McCracken is gone, man.
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A funny Twitter thread about how a bunch of random dudes named Josh want to meet up for a fight.

Twitter Thread: A Bunch Of Joshes Declare Battle Over Sharing Same Name

Peak internet right here.
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Great names people gave their wifi | posted by DoctorDirector weren't supposed have personal wifi our dorms college, so made name "DIRECT-BHB-HP Office jet 5234" and everyone just assumed just printer like rest would pop up

Terrific WiFi Names People Encountered

People are way too good at this.
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Woman's sister-in-law names her baby "alibi." | r/AmltheAsshole Join u/Ghostthemost28 3d AITA telling my SIL her baby's chosen name is literally worst name l've ever heard? Not hole TLDR- they're naming their baby girl "Alibi" Ok so looking outside judgment because do feel bad about upsetting her still. Last weekend joined family zoom call where my brother and SIIL wanted announce their new baby's name after spending nearly month brainstorming. My parents and other siblings were also there along

Woman's Sister-In-Law Names Her Baby "Alibi"

Interesting move.
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Nicknames people gave their pets | Ruddy Duck Stays Home @RuddyDuck22 Replying EmilyRose_S and @Sarcasticluther Gabby and Izzy call them Gabbaroo and Queen Isabella Ruler Universe Boss Everybody Love these girls. 9 Kerry McManus and 16 others 2 Comments O uke O Comment Share 10:07 AM Apr 26, 2020 Twitter Android

Pets Actual Names Versus what Owners Call Them

Like nothing, "Ruffles" can get turned into "Grumpo the Giblet-Hound"
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Guy named Dick has funny double entendre wedding name generator | Tyler Dick is with Allison Harned. Ali asked help pick name our wedding website put our info into name generator can't stop laughing. Let us know which ones like! #AboutTimeDick #AisleBeLovingDick #AlIDickAlITheTime #AtLastWith Dick #TwoHeartsOneDick #WakeUpDick #WeAreTheDicks #WeddingBellsForDick

Couple's Wedding Hashtag Generator is a Cornucopia of Double Entendre

There's a lot.
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Horrible and stupid names people gave kids | posted by MelyssaRave My neighbor 12th kid. His parents named him Twelver gotta be worst ever seen.

Horrible Names People Encountered

If you see your name in here, all you can do is blame your parents.
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People with funny names.

People With Unfortunately Wild and Silly Names

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Funny costumes names that avoid infringing copyright law.

Bootleg Costumes With Creative Loophole Names

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Twitter users are bonding over having "dirty names" and trying to enter them into login info.

People With Dirty Names Bond Over The Struggle

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Silly and inappropriate names from wedding announcements.

Silly and Inappropriate Wedding Announcements

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Funny alternate names for objects and animals.

Funny and Accurate Alternate Names for Things

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askreddit, different names, giving new names to things, calling sunburns radiation burns

25 Things People Would Treat Differently If They Had Better Names

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