System Of A Down live concert before they got famous

System Of A Down In 1998 Before They Were Famous

Can't imagine seeing this live.
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Funny metal music memes and jokes | he-man skeletor introduce little cousins metal | adorable golden retriever dog vs werewolf Metalheads at metal shows Metalheads everyday life

Metal Memes So Heavy They're Tuned to Drop Everything

Let the metal flow through you.
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weatherman weather broadcast drum solo

BBC Weatherman Closes Forecast With Amazing Drum Cover

Nailed it.
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funny special talent guy sings popular songs out of sync

Guy Intentionally Sings One Syllable Out Of Sync

Takes mad skills to fail in this fashion.
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Person plays theme song for 20th century fox on cooking dinner.

20th Century Fox Theme Played on Dinner

Everything is an instrument.
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beard trimming noises turned into techno music

Beard Trimming Sounds Make Great Techno

That's something you could shave to.
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Coronavirus Bohemian Rhapsody Twitter Parody | Dana Jay Bein DJB danajaybein lost my mind wrote Coronavirus Rhapsody: Is this sore throat? Is this just allergies? Caught lockdown No escape reality. 12:02 PM 3/18/20 TweetDeck | Don't touch eyes Just hand sanitize quicklyyyyy just poor boy, no job security Because easy spread, even though washed hands, laying low look out window curve doesn't look flatter

Dude Tweets Entire Quarantine-Themed Bohemian Rhapsody Parody

Some people have a lot of time on their hands right now.
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school's choir concert streamed live due to coronavirus

California School's Choir Concert Cancelled, They Perform Remotely

Through technology and unity they put on quite the show.
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Old man does cool guitar solo.

An Old Man Shredding on Guitar

All right yeah this is kinda awesome.
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Twitter thread describes pop punk bands using quotes from John Mulaney in the 2000s | Yikes On Bikes TM @ayrbee PRESENT MY VERY SMALL AUDIENCE. POP PUNK BANDS 2000S AS JOHN MULANEY QUOTES THREAD.

Twitter Thread: Pop Punk Bands Of The 2000s As John Mulaney Quotes

Pretty accurate.
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Guy asks people on Reddit whether he's a jerk for playing heavy metal music at his friend's wedding | AITA ruining my friends wedding with metal? My wife (30F) and 32M) were invited my friend (31M)'s wedding. He's fairly close friend have seen each other about 2-3 times year since were 10. He got married his longtime girlfriend who have met handful times.

Guy "Ruins" Friend's Wedding With Heavy Metal Song

There's a time and a place for everything.
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Awkward weird fail album covers | blonde woman touching her forehead to that of a ventriloquist dummy AMEN! RAINBOW BEVERLY SVETLANA GRUEBBERSOLVIK TAMIA MY LIPS ARE BLOWING woman playing a recorder

Weird and Awkward Album Covers

Not everyone's artistic vision is gonna hit the mark.
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Video of people making music with a barcode scanner instrument

Barcode Instrument Lets Musicians Scan Some Jams

What's the SCU for techno?
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Video of bagpiper and steel drummers sound horrible.

Bag Piper Competing With Steel Drummers All Sounds Real Bad

It goes together like orange juice and mint toothpaste.
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Stories of people on askreddit who went to bad concerts | posted by AXPendergast Madonna! Mistakenly got tickets her Madamx tour. Started 30 min late, she talked between every song, ended up with four songs an hour. She spent 20 minutes auctioning off Polaroid selfie left at point.

Concerts That Didn't Live Up to the Hype

Some bands aren't great live.
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Guy using nail gun matches with beat of band.

Worker Matches Nail Gun to Beat so He Doesn't Interrupt Band

It's weirdly accommodating.
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