rap music video about bakery reopening

Indianapolis Rapper Celebrates Bakery Reopening With Music Video

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professional pianist fools crowd by playing chopsticks

Guy Plays Chopsticks On Piano, Gets Laughed At, Then Goes Off

Dude changed gears real quick.
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cool music video choir singing thunderstorm imitation

Choir Perfectly Imitates A Thunderstorm, Then They Sing

Truly magical.
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Funny story of a band's revenge for people who shout "Freebird" | u r/ProRevenge Posted by u/Arrow-111 4 days ago everyone yells "Freebird at concerts know who are. One is at every god damned show used tour with band, and had around 200 concerts year. At least 200 times year, someone would yell "Freebird and laugh like they said something clever don't understand why 's funny, and hearing every day thousands shows yup, still not at all funny.

Band's Revenge for People Who Shout "Freebird"

There's always that one guy.
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Guy drives the manager of Nine Inch Nails into absolute insanity | Rob Sheridan Follow @rob_sheridan those unaware Annoy--Tron an absolutely insidious office prank device very tiny contraption with an adhesive back designed be hidden or stuck difficult--find places looked like this. 2/ JAZY

Twitter Thread: Man Drives Nine Inch Nails Manager To Insanity

Well done.
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Farmer plays saxophone while a goose honks.

Goose Jams with Saxy Jazz Farmer

Ah yes, Thelonious Honk.
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father daughter beatbox competition showdown

Daughter Destroys Father At Beatboxing

Timelessly lit.
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A funny bot written AC/DC style song.

Bot Written AC/DC Song Is Pretty On-Brand

"Fire at will yeah, cause I shoot to shoot my gun."
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The song "Kiss from a Rose" by Seal but sung by actual Seals.

"Kiss from a Rose" Sung by actual Seals

It's hard to tell which is the original.
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playing The Weeknd song using bricks

Man Plays The Weeknd's "Blinding Lights" With Bricks

Just pure awesome.
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Strange, stupid and weird band photos | Childs Play photo of four men in pink bell bottom overalls | two guys in TURDS OF MISERY shirts standing on either side of a man in a denim jacket

Weird and Awkward Band Photos

Follow your dreams.
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Rage Against The Machine On Slide Guitar

Montana Dude Rips Rage Against The Machine On Slide Guitar

Seriously well done.
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Katy Perry fail prank museum

Katy Perry "Pranks" Museum Goers, Nobody Cares

A shining moment of cringe.
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System Of A Down live concert before they got famous

System Of A Down In 1998 Before They Were Famous

Can't imagine seeing this live.
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Funny metal music memes and jokes | he-man skeletor introduce little cousins metal | adorable golden retriever dog vs werewolf Metalheads at metal shows Metalheads everyday life

Metal Memes So Heavy They're Tuned to Drop Everything

Let the metal flow through you.
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weatherman weather broadcast drum solo

BBC Weatherman Closes Forecast With Amazing Drum Cover

Nailed it.
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