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The Surprise Symphony: Musicians Pulling Pranks

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But... We Were Gonna Take it Higher :(

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rammstein Cookie Monster Music FAILS g rated - 49522689

Cookie Moonster is the New Lead Singer for Rammstein

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Evolution of Music by Pentatonix

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How To Make A Rap Single in 2013

2013 How To rap Music FAILS g rated - 7323052800
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Epic Sax Dragon

saxophones dragons Music FAILS g rated - 7317411072
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Subway Violinists Perform T-Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble"

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But Sid Vicious Does Not

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Why You Shouldn't Go To Coachella

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Brvtal Kat

metallica Cats Music FAILS g rated - 7302484736

Kathy Used Tuba, it's Very Effective

school band tuba g rated Music FAILS - 7302347264
Music videos acapella Music FAILS g rated - 49288961

This Acapella Goes With Everything

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Every Mumford & Sons Song...

banjo Music FAILS - 7264897280

Is Ray J's New Single Dedicated to Kanye West?

kim kardashian kanye west Music FAILS - 7267892224
taylor swift videos Music FAILS g rated - 49144833

Taylor Swift Sung About "22"... Well Here's What She'll Have to Look Forward to at "32"!

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He Can Duet With Clinton on Sax

barack obama trombones newspapers Music FAILS g rated - 7257152768
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