You Know Those Guitars That are Like... Double Guitars?

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By Unknown

Have You Seen This Cat?

Music funny Music FAILS g rated - 7644973056
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How Kanye Now Pictures Himself

Music kanye west funny Music FAILS g rated - 7579118848
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Time Signatures are Important

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Nothing Shorter Than a Sixteenth Note is Worth Playing

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Check for Drop-Tuning Instructions

guitar Music deathcore funny Music FAILS g rated - 7307276288
By Unknown

I Forgot How to Cello

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Via albruce-jzcruzer-captainx

Most Overused Rhymes

lyrics graph Music FAILS g rated - 7390137600
By vwh1994
pizza daft punk Funny or Die Music FAILS - 49965313

Daft Punk & Andrew the Pizza Guy

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I Thought That Was a Song by Europe, Not T-Rex

journey puns Music FAILS g rated - 7401690368
By Unknown

Half the Time, it Works Everytime

gif dance Spider-Man Music FAILS g rated - 7401574144
By Unknown

Shut Up and Take My Money!

r kelly ignition Music FAILS g rated - 7400320000
By Unknown

And it Didn't Work?

Music FAILS g rated - 7387564288
By emmy919 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

This Dance Requires Five People for Each Letter

The Village People ymca chinese Music FAILS g rated - 7384184576
By Unknown
KISS videos Music FAILS - 49793025

The True* Story Behind Kiss's Hit Ballad "Beth"

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Cookie Monster Tom Waits videos Music FAILS g rated - 49774081

Tom Waits/Cookie Monster - Hell Broke Luce

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