grandma leaves her last 700 dollars to mooch aunt, but it gets paid out in 10 dollar intallments

Grandma Leaves Life Savings To Mooch Aunt, Gets Paid Out In $10 Installments

Take it all. Slowly.
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scams society falls for

The Biggest Scams We All Keep Falling For

"Oh, but you have to spend the money."
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soiled daughter wants money for trip, gets denied

Dude Wants Partner To Foot The $30K Bill For His Spoiled Daughter's Trip, Gets Denied

Screw that.
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husband steals money from wife to get massages

Spa-Obsessed Husband Maxes Out Wife's Credit Card, Doesn't See Why That's An Issue

Oh boy.
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funny NFT memes

NFT Memes And Jokes To Send To That Friend Who Bought Into It

Goodbye money.
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out of touch things people said

The Most Absurdly Out Of Touch Things People Have Heard

It’s one banana, Michael. What could it cost, $10?
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ex husband tries to dodge child support, ex wife gets the money

Cheating Ex-Husband Tries To Get Out Of Child Support, Suggests Ex-Wife Get A Lawyer, She Does

Oh baby.
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car dealership tells guy to sue for money, so he fills a claim out and gets his money

Customer Gets Screwed Over By Dealership, Gets Justice When Management Finds Out

Sometimes things work out.
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opinion art cryptocurrency crypto bitcoin nft trending money - 514055

Why NFTs Are the Next Big Thing (If You’re A Complete Moron)

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features that mean someone is rich

Features That Quietly Scream "I've Got Tons Of Money"

It's inherently absurd.
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Karen gives horrible tip, gets it back from server

Rude Karen Leaves A 48 Cent Tip, Overworked Server Gives It Back

It never ends.
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guy told groceries are too expensive, company makes him eat at nice restaurants

Company Tells Employee Groceries Cost Too Much, Must Eat Every Meal At Fancy Restaurants

If you say so.
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guy takes advantage of rewards program

Dude's Stupid Cookie Loophole Becomes Real-Life Infinite Money Glitch

Take that, The System.
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tenant gets fine for giving neighbor car space, pays fee as inconveniently as possible

Tenant Gets Unfair Fine, Pays In 37 Installments

It's the small things. 37 of them, to be precise.
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scammer pretends to be hit and run victim, uses wrong photos and gets discovered

Scammer Pretends To Be Hit-And-Run Victim, Gets Found Out

Not even good try.
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entitled people and their demands

Entitled People Who Made The World Their Big Stupid Oyster

C'mon guys.
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