Karen customer wants vanity painted for cheap

Karen Doesn't Understand Why She Can't Buy Showpiece Or Why Work Costs Money

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Karen tries to enslave employees

Rich Karen Tries To Turn Employees Into Indentured Servants, Loses

Why Karen, why?
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entitled people

Entitled People Who Decided To Make The World A More Miserable Place

Great work, everyone.
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stupid decisions companies made

Amazingly Dumb Decisions Made By Companies

K Mart, where art thou?
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Mom tries to impersonate her daughter to gain access to daughter's account info, and debt collector sees through it.

Mom Tries To Impersonate Daughter For Account Info, Debt Collector Calls Mom Out

Nice try, mom.
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Things that might be more expensive but are good ideas

Things That Are Actually Sort of Worth The Money

Hey, it's just smart.
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company makes guy pay back 5 cents, he pays in installments

Guy Overcharges His Own Company 5 cents, Pays In Installments

Whoa there, big spender.
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A girl wins the lottery, hides it from her friends, and then chaos breaks loose.

Girl Wins Lottery, Hides It From Friends, Chaos Ensues

The lottery can really be a curse.
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bad and horrible products that still sell

Bad Products That Still Sell Like Hotcakes

Hotcakes are basically pancakes, right?
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buyer misses pickup time and mouse gets sold

Buyer No-Shows Pickup Time, Flabbergasted It's Sold

What is there to expect?
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Lowballer on craigslist tries to insult seller's intelligence and fails

Seller Won't Fall For BS, Lowballer Gets Weirdly Classist About It

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Son moves his money to a new bank account after his parents threaten to take his.

Son Moves Money To New Bank Account When Parents Said They'd Take It

Definitely a tough call there.
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People describe the easiest ways that they were able to end up earning extra money.

The Easiest Ways People Ended Up Earning Money

Never know if these could come in handy.
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stories of bad nut common financial decisions

Horrible But Common Financial Choices People Have Seen

Losing money is incredibly easy.
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entitled people and their demands

Wild Moments From The World's Laughably Entitled People

Was it even worth the shot?
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A boyfriend asks his girlfriend for $5K loan from his girlfriend, she rejects the request, and he gets very upset.

Boyfriend Asks For $5K Loan From Girlfriend, Girlfriend Rejects Request, Boyfriend Gets Upset

He definitely could've handled that better.
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