Coworker makes point to not mention typos, ends up wasting $90K

Employee Told Not To Mention Typo, Company Loses $90K

Typos are importnat.
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entitled people and their absurd demands

Entitled Folks And Their Laughable Antics

Good luck with that plan.
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Karen lies about pay to trick babysitter and calls it a typo

Karen Tries To Trick Babysitter By Lying About Pay And Calling It A Typo

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friend surprised friend won't pay to go to destination wedding

Friend Has Destination Wedding, Surprised That Friend Can't Afford It

Oh really?
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tumblr thread on rich people's empty mansions

Tumblr Thread: The Big, Weird Empty Mansions of Rich People

Mansions used to make more sense. Sort of.
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scammer contacts guy and he wastes time

Guy Prescribes Dose of Own Medicine to Scammer

It's the right thing to do.
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Entitled people and their demands

Entitled People and Their Ceaseless Antics

It never ends.
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employee isn't getting paid to be on time, starts coming in late and manager gets fired for time theft

Employee Isn't Being Paid For Being On Time, Malicious Compliance Ensues

Who values whose time now, huh?
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nephew steals from uncle, uncle refuses to pay 40K of college money

Thief Nephew Steals His Way Out of College Money

Not so well-played, bruh.
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aggressive guy tries to bully seller into selling laptop for 200

Aggressive Jerk Tries To Lowball For Laptop, Gets Nothing

It takes all kinds, or something.
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entitled people

Entitled People Who Stained The World With Their Absurd Demands

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mother in law eats expensive meal and makes parents pay for it, so kids stop paying her rent

Mother-In-Law Racks Up Insane Dinner Bill, Gets Cut Off Financially

It's always the in-laws.
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low baller wants guitar neck changed but doesn't want to pay for it

Low Baller Wants Guitar Built, Doesn't Understand Why That Should Cost Money

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hair stylist starts a rumor and gets a raise

Hair Stylist Starts Rumor That She's Leaving, Gets A Raise

Now there's a novel idea.
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things that are expensive

Things That Seem Way More Expensive Than They Need To Be

It didn't have to be this way.
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entitled people and their ridiculous demands

Entitled People Who Had The Sheer Audacity

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