McDonalds, America's favorite fast food joint. If you are a Ronald fan, you won't leave disappointed.

customer service controversial McDonald's life hacks ridiculous Video tiktok - 2715398

TikToker Ignites Backlash Over Sketchy McDonald's "Hack"

Straight up criminal behavior.
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customer service relatable McDonald's ridiculous food fast food Video - 2578438

McDonald's Customer Asks For Fresh Fries, TikToker Shows How It's Handled

Maybe a microwave next time around.
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customer service humor FAIL revenge McDonald's driving funny - 2537990

Red Truck Temper Tantrums At McDonald's Drive-Thru, Revenge Ensues

Music's an effective sidekick during a revenge.
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McDonald's employees describe the various secrets that they discovered while working there.

Secrets McDonald's Employees Discovered While Working There

Apparently people enjoy fish meals more on rainy days.
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customer service humor FAIL McDonald's ridiculous food funny - 106839809

McDonald's Completely Fails At Hash Browns Order For Customer

What were they thinking, honestly.
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customer service FAIL gross cringe McDonald's Video tiktok - 2189830

McDonald's Worker Apparently Serves Customer Half-Eaten Burger

Better be a joke, dude.
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customer service McDonald's ridiculous food fast food cookies - 2141702

McDonald's Worker Exposes Cookies Situation On TikTok

Say it ain't so.
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McDonalds ice cream machines always broken

Man Explains McDonald's Ice Cream Machine Protocol

Finally, an explanation.
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People describe what would go into their angry meals from McDonald's | sutree1 1d S 1 Award Just regular Happy Meal, but have watch get cold on rack while no one serves Reply 8.1k

AskReddit Thread: People's McAngry Meals

McDonald's could really have something here.
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Funny Twitter thread about a man's surreal McDonald's visit | Josh Raby @JoshRaby 's 1AM and decided wanted milkshake. So there's McDonald's near my house greeted at drive thru by following sentence:

Twitter Thread: Man's McDonald's Trip Reads Like A Fever Dream

Never forget.
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A collection of tweets about working at McDonald's | McDonald's Crew Members @mcdsfam "Do y'all still have Big Macs do still have sandwich is basically named after restaurant chain? Yes do.

Trials And Tribulations Of Working At McDonald's

The struggle is real.
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funny life hack mcdonald's

Devious Dudes Discover Clutch McDonald's Hack

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People describe items that folks could find in McDonald's Sad Meals | FlashBewin 13h Since 's targeted adults McDonalds Sad Meal now contains Warm,flat pop ice has already melted. 4 hour old, cold heavily salted fries. Mcdonalds burger patty inbetween two leaves warm, wilted lettuce has nothing on but stringy onions and massive amount mustard prize is McDonalds gift card with 52 cents on .

Items People Could Find In McDonald's "Sad Meals"

McDonald's could have an opportunity here.
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dad turns house into a mcdonald's drive thru

Dad Turns Home Into McDonald's For Son's Birthday

Kid's dreams just became a reality.
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Guy orders extra cream cheese on his bagel, and McDonald's exceeds his expectations | Bryan Passifiume @BryanPassifiume LOL hell McDonaldsCanada Caps Lock PORTERS NOTEBOOK 303014 XLSTIENL MOM bagel absolutely stuffed with cream cheese thicket than the bagel slices themselves

Guy Orders Extra Cream Cheese On Bagel, McDonald's Over Delivers

Well played, McDonald's.
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Twitter users roast McDonald's after Wendy's asks for McDonald's to roast them | Wendy's @Wendys Hey @McDonalds, roast us. Bud Light SELTZER @budlight BUD LIGHT Replying Wendys and @McDonalds They're too busy fixing their ice cream machine.

Wendy's Asks McDonald's To Roast Them, Twitter Roasts McDonald's

Well played, Wendy's.
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