McDonalds, America's favorite fast food joint. If you are a Ronald fan, you won't leave disappointed.

kids McDonald's t shirts funny - 383238

Innocent Kid's Painful Realization is A Hilarious Lesson in Self Awareness

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McDonald's twitter feminism fast food women - 4992517

McDonald's Flipped Their M for Women's Day, Twitter Wasn't Super Impressed

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FAIL McDonald's barber fast food - 4878853

McDonald's UK Epically Fails At "Say No More Fam" Meme Attempt

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McDonald's eyebrow trend is repulsive and ridiculous.

McDonald's Eyebrows Trend Will Deep Fry Your Faith In Humanity

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Wendy's roasted McDonald's on Twitter over the quality, or lack thereof, of their ice cream machines.

Wendy's Curb Stomped McDonald's On Twitter (Again)

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Guy live-tweets an unforgettably weird drive-thru experience at McDonald's.

Mystified Guy Live-Tweets WTF McDonald's Drive-Thru Experience

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Angry mom puts McDonald's on blast in an angry, fiery Facebook rant.

Mom Calls Out McDonald's In Fiery Facebook Rant After Daughter's Inappropriate Interview

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Wendy's goes hard on the insults on Twitter after a guy tries to troll them saying that McDonald's is better.

Wendy's Goes Full Savage Mode On Twitter After Guy Says McDonald's Is Better

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Guy shares story on Twitter about an absolutely insane McDonald's encounter.

Guy Shares Story On Twitter About Unforgettably Insane McDonald's Drive-Thru Experience

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Guy discovers a hilariously clever new use for his car's butt warmer.

Hungry Genius Discovers Hilariously Brilliant New Use For Car's Butt Warmer

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Wendy's roasts McDonald's over their failed black friday tweet.

Wendy's Savagely Roasts McDonald's Over Failed Black Friday Tweet

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McDonald's Best Friend Sounds Solid

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Open On Sundays Too!

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Video of a hydraulic press smashing a McDonald's hamburger

Crushing Big Macs With a Hydraulic Press Is Surprisingly Horrific

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Angry customer calls police after chicken McNuggets order takes too long.

Crazy Chicken McNuggets Fiend Calls Police Cause Her Order Takes Too Long

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