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“I’m in touch with somebody else that works here, I don’t need your help” “OK” | He was just too good for me to talk to him. He thought he was better than me. So I decided not to ever look at him or deal with him again.

'I’m in touch with somebody else': Guy too good for event worker's credential help, gets to wait for ages instead

It's important not to succumb to the sweet nectar of hubris. When we begin to think too much of ourselves, we invite the certainty that we will be made fool of.
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“If you find that “job” take it! Goodbye!” - Okay, I will and take the department with me. |  So I decided to ask the question “How do you plan to retain talent when there are other companies offering 2x the money with half of the workload?” The CEO decided this question was hilarious and read it aloud laughing and responded “if you find that job (with finger quotes as if it wasn't real), you better take it, goodbye!”

CEO Laughs off Worker's Request for Raise and Tells Them To Find Another Job, They Do and Find Their Whole Department New Jobs Too

On this earth, it often seems like things happen for no reason, just a roving mess of random occurrences, happenstance tragedies, and chance meetings that have little to no meaning. Regardless of all the things that are happening out of our control, occasionally, with enough influence and intention, we can become the authors of our destinies and shape the path that lies before us. Ironically, that's exactly what this CEO was doing when they jokingly responded to a frustrated worker's question r…
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No, that is not a company spot, that is my spot...

Senior Worker Visits Office and Takes Employee's Parking Spot, Gets His Vehicle Towed

Parking garage rules are stupid and this visiting senior employee ruined the whole system.
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Can’t expense my bike rides home? Okay, then I’ll take very expensive ubers instead.| I have recently started a new job and one of the perks is that if you work late, you can have a free dinner and then take an uber back home. However, I much prefer renting an electric bike back home (you know the ones on the sidewalk). It’s faster, much better for the environment, fun and a great way to decompress after a long day’s of work.

'Can’t expense my bike rides home?': Employer refuses to accept bike hire expenses in lieu of Uber

Written rules and policies can be ridiculously shortsighted. Often times they've been committed to paper hurriedly by an HR rep, or middle manager, responding to demands that are being placed on them by frustrated executives. The aforementioned situation often results in entirely one-dimensional rules that don't offer any room for leeway or interpretation on a case-by-case basis.
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Crawled into work still drunk from the night before

Fast Food Worker Comes Into Work the Morning After Their Birthday Party in Quite the State

We've all been this person the morning after our birthday parties
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r/MaliciousCompliance | u/Its CoolImWithTheBand | Oh you think I'm your personal travel agent. Ok then... | So I'm in the military and we have this system that we use called the Defense Travel System or DTS

New Officer Makes Subordinate Their Travel Agent, They Book the Officer the Worst Possible Flights

Some people just can't be trusted with a single shred of power. As soon as they manage to find themselves with even a semblance of it, they don't hesitate for a second to wield it over every person they possibly can with a stupid fury. I wish that I could say that these people don't succeed but, based on the stories we see, that's often not the case. It's as if these people have never once stopped to consider or care about other people and the effect that their actions have on their lives. Let'…
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MaliciousCompliance | Reddit | Bill is called into a meeting and told he will be let go. They tell the changes will occur in a month and he will stay on to then. When he queries why he is been let go he is told his work is not valuable and does not contribute to the workforce. He is told his work is worthless to the firm. He is plainly told if he didn’t do it no one will know.

'No value in your work': Analyst laid off because no one understands his job, goes exactly as you might expect

It's not uncommon for your boss to completely misunderstand what your job is or how you do it; Depending on how connected they are to the inner workings of your trade they might not even understand why your job exists at all. This rule gets exponentially more accurate the more you move up the chain. Usually, direct middle-managers have at least done the base-level productive role that they're managing; or at least something similar at some point in their lives. Executives though are likely to h…
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MaliciousCompliance | Don't Like it Leave | "The first thing she does is pull out a different set of numbers than we were originally given and agreed to.  All of a sudden there is a dealership fee for selling us a car at this time of year...  Nearly 1k for this nonsense."

'I laughed at her': Used car dealership tries to use shady practices and implement fees, surprised when client walks out

A used car dealership thought that they had out-of-state buyers trapped and used the opportunity to try and renege on terms and instate higher fees; they were shocked when the buyers got up and walked away from the deal. This couple had been searching for a used car after losing their previous one in an accident. They finally found one they wanted at a dealership 90 minutes away from their house. They took extra time and care to ensure they had the time to make this journey. Everything on their…
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Why did you schedule this call on my off hours? | Been reading other stories of virtual meeting shenanigans

'My manager insists I turn my camera and mic on': Manager late for web meeting on employee's day off, witnesses literal inferno via Zoom

This volunteer firefighter was threatened to be fired while attending a fire on their day off.
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"No value in your work"

Employee Fired and Told His Work Is Worthless, Gets Better Job at the Competing Firm

These managers had no clue their former employee added so much value to the company. In fact, they told the employee his work was worthless. They learned the truth the hard way.
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malicious compliance house reddit story builder electricity reddit thread Reddit electrician - 17969413

'I got paid to repair all the violations': "House flipper" wants electrician to mislead inspector after getting someone else to do the work

This electrician quickly realized that they didn't want to work with a short-tempered house flipper after watching the client go off on his business-partner brother. The electrician gave the client his “I don’t want to do this job” price which led the client to go with another electrician. When the client contacted them months later to meet with the inspector, it became instantly apparent that the workmanship was incredibly poor and not up to code. There are endless videos online that display t…
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Landlord lost the lease | charged me an extra month and don't want to return my deposit? But why lie when I have the receipts...

'Can my landlord do this?': 5 Times Landlords Displayed an Inhuman Lack of Consideration For Their Tenants

It's no secret that landlords have a reputation for being manipulative lizard-people who will take any chance possible to extort or exploit tenants for a little bit more profit. It's akin to when you've made a few too many whiskey sours and are really trying to take that same lime for as many laps as possible. You futilely keep squeezing and squeezing the dang thing, determined to get out a little bit more juice, despite it already having as much juice left as a politician has morals. Anyways,…
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"dumb employee is dumb"

Office Supply Store Employee Given Horrible Review, Gets Revenge on Evil Manager

Some managers are just asking to be treated this way.
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landlord malicious compliance revenge bad-landlord petty revenge - 1671175

'He threatened legal action': Landlord coerces tenant into showing their apartment, so they give overly honest tours

This landlord threatened legal action against their tenant if the tenant refused to let them show the apartment while they were still living there. The tenant did not want the grief of going through a legal process with their terrible landlord, so they caved under pressure and allowed the apartment viewings to occur.
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Malicious Compliance | Following a termination letter to a T

Security Guard Fired, Immediately Begged to Work Remaining Scheduled Shifts

What is it with employers firing people and then immediately realizing that they need their help? You might think they would have considered that before firing in the first place or, maybe, just don't fire people unreasonably if you're already short of workers. Is that too much to ask? This story was posted to Reddit's r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit by Reddit user u/kayasha, who shared their experience on the popular sub. The story received positive responses from readers. “It’s fascinating ho…
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Malicious Compliance post titled You’d like a video resume? You got it! | Thumbnail text "Skills #3... Folding."

Owner Forced to Close Business After They Miss the Joke in Woman's Sarcastic Video Resume Interview Response

When this comedian was asked for a video resume for a simple clothing store retail role she got her gooses gassed up and led with her best foot. She may not have aced the interview, but she has certainly aced our hearts. Her video response perfectly captures Millennial awkward/random humor… and folding a shirt to the tune of dubstep actually provides answers to the mystery of why our generation collectively died inside right around this time.
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