Bag That Idea

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Dammit Mom, That Was Mine!

mom's have no respect for mail privacy
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Website That Lets You Send Anyone Edible ‘Bag of Dicks’ To Enjoy.

Epic win prank bag of dicks that are edible.
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The Post Demands to be Fed!

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Just Trying to Do My Job Here

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Being a Mailman Can Be Dangerous

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It Only Took 45 Years, but the Mail Finally Came

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The Procedure For This Standoff is in Their Employee Manuals

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pets Cats mail Video g rated - 57985793

USPS Doesn't Need to Worry About the Snow and Cold, They Need to Worry About This Cat

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The Postal Service Responds to Amazon's Drones

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No One Eat My Lunch!

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Halloween is 2Spoopy for This Postal Worker

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Do Modern Kids Have Any Idea What is Happening in This Photo?

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Would This Work?

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Revenge is Sweet

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You're Fired Six Ways From Sunday, Mr. Mailman!

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