funny creative mailboxes

25 Creative Mailboxes That Would Look Good Stuffed With Bills

Duhnuh nuhnuh nuhnuh nuhnuh, Mailman
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bad mailman is mean to temp, gets proven he's bad at his job and gets fired

Nefarious Mailman Treats Temp Like Garbage, Gets His Career Sabotaged

Revenge is a dish best delivered every day except Sundays.
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Careless FedEx driver drops package while careful USPS driver takes packages out of the rain

Considerate USPS Bro Vs Careless FedEx Lady

Two different deliveries, two very different vibes.
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A USPS worker shares his thoughts on privatizing the postal service | Dingus J McGee, ESQ lildipshit3 Okay, l've been with USPS several years now, so here's my big dumb #SaveThePostOffice thread don't know many tweets 's gonna take ramble through my thoughts, so stick with Or don't, whatever. 18:37 4/10/20 Twitter Web App 13.5K Retweets 27K Likes Dingus J McGee, ESQ lildipsh 1d v Replying lildipshit3 First things first not taxpayer funded. At all. Sure get government monopolies on certain things

Twitter Thread: USPS Worker's Thoughts On Saving Post Office

They lay out the facts.
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Fun mailboxes that are made to look like other things | atm machine shaped like a game boy console. mail box shaped like a person riding a bike with the door situated on the butt

Weird and Cool Mailboxes that Deliver the Goods

Take that, normal mailboxes.
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Video of a mailman putting on the worst delivery of 2017, as he wipes out and falls out of his car.

Mailman Puts On The Biggest Failed Delivery Show Of 2017

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FAIL Awkward mail - 1869061

Mailman Fails Terribly, Leaves Package In the Worst Possible Place, But Pulls Through With Hilarious Note

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Now You Can Send Poop to Politician for When Shit Happens

service sends poops for polticians
Via Critical Theory

Check the Next Package You Ask Your Parents to Mail You Doesn't Come With an Angry Note

funny parenting image father mails son's guitar with an angry note on it
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Babies gifs mail - 8973524224
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Mailman Has to Improvise When There Isn't Any Mail for Pippa to Pick Up

mailman has to improvise when there isnt any mail for pippa the dog to pick up
Via Martin Studer

Thanks, Mom

parenting mail - 8822420992
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Drive By Deliveries, Now Possible

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Mailtime With Mom

gifs mail mom - 8796974080
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Seems Legit

guy uses christmas card as proof of address
Via Wirecutter

I Hate Getting Mail From the Previous Resident

Via otown_in_the_hotown
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