This Is a Fairly Accurate Representation of My Attention Span

mail - 5160079616
By Unknown

Response WIN

credit card mail postage rage response - 5080917248
By Unknown


bill bill cosby celeb Jello mail postage pun - 5131259648
By Unknown

Garbage Can FAIL

failboat garbage g rated mail tax dollars at work usps - 5039066880
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Mail: Then and Now

comic email mail Then And Now - 5011951616
Via Poofytwo

Redneck Address FAIL

g rated mail stupidity - 4928586752
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Customer: Served

customer service delivery dinosaur drugs mail package - 4918286592
By Unknown

Sir, Just Because You Taped It To a Package Does Not Make The Phone Portable

cell phone holding it up mail tape - 4886053888
By butt jolokia

Suspicious Package FAIL

failboat g rated headline mail news stupidity - 4871242240
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Letter Destination FAIL

asia failboat g rated letter mail post office thailand - 4801371136
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Letter Destination FAIL

australia austria failboat geography g rated letter mail movie reference post office spelling spelling mistake - 4793900544
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Freezing FAIL

contradiction failboat g rated irony mail shipping signs sticker - 4756657920
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That's What I Call Customer Service

customer service mail package - 4732722176
By Unknown

Need Another Hand?

job mail mailman WoW - 4682799616
By Snake73

Aww Shucks!

letter mail policy sign - 4579122688
By TheSalmonMoose


failboat g rated incest mail spelling - 4580644096
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