Lord of the Rings

It's time for a Fellowship LOTR fans. If you're down with Bombadill and Ents, then you'll be doubled over laughing at these hilarious jokes all about your favorite Tolkien land. Can you truly call yourself a Lord of the Rings fan if you don't appreciate these jokes? Take the plunge and find out.

Facts From the Lord of the Rings That Will Crush Your Boredom

27 Facts From the Lord of the Rings That Will Crush Your Boredom

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sauron Lord of the Rings donald trump - 1794053

Trump's Son-In-Law Is Building Mordor's Tower of Orthanc at 666 Fifth Ave.

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The Things You See at a Trump Rally

twitter Lord of the Rings donald trump rally - 8965461504
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Lord of the Rings Game of Thrones Video - 79829249

George R.R. Martin and J.R.R. Tolkien Face Off in This Epic Rap Battle

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Lord of the Rings pr0n The Hobbit parody - 78695937

This Hobbit Porn Parody is Significantly More Clever Than Anticipated

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When Bae Proposes Like This, There's No Way You Can Say No

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This Custom Lord of the Rings Lightsaber is the Coolest Engagement Gift

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Eye of So Wrong

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Watch Out For The Wizard Wheel of Death

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Looks Like Shelob Got To Him

drunk Lord of the Rings passed out saran wrap - 4620024832

You Can't Just DRIVE Carefully Into This Place!

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Looks Like Meat's Back on the Menu, and We Have Just the Stove for it too...


Clean Room? That'll Last a Second

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Gets Out Even the Toughest of Stains

laundry Lord of the Rings wizards - 7401687296

Recollections of This Place Deceive Me...

bars gandalf i have no memory of this Lord of the Rings - 6488869120

Get Yours in Time For St. Patrick's Day!

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