Lord of the Rings

It's time for a Fellowship LOTR fans. If you're down with Bombadill and Ents, then you'll be doubled over laughing at these hilarious jokes all about your favorite Tolkien land. Can you truly call yourself a Lord of the Rings fan if you don't appreciate these jokes? Take the plunge and find out.

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Literature Summary: The Lord of the Rings

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You Don't Want to See What Happens When His Team Loses

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I Am Fire, I Am Death, I Am Gingerbread

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Yep, That's Sauron's Tower Made Entirely of Gingerbread

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Watch Out, We Got a Real Nerd Here

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Where'd You Get That Piece?

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It's Elvish!

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Air New Zealand Has a New In-Flight Safety Video, and It's Even More "Hobbit" Than the Last

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Who Wants to Make the One S'More to Rule Them All?

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Occasionally a Balrog-Slaying Sword

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All Good Journeys Must Come to the End

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Quick, Summon the Eagles!

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There Are Two Types of High School Experiences

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The Wraiths Are a Little Less Threatening This Way

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No One Parties Like Gandalf

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And in the Sparkling Vampires, Bind Them

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