funny "not my job" failure moments | billboard SAVE UP 150 The Discounters ON SELECT SETS 4 WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS | terribly failed reconstruction attempt on a Spanish statue

"Not My Job" Moments of Questionable Professionalism

Consider that job "finished."
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Boss demands employee checks emails on day off, so employee counts it on time sheet | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/OtherLtDan 19 days ago O 2 11 e14 3 18 E 11 2 Must check my work email every single day? Ok! oc S So working small private ambulance company ended up getting bought out by larger corporation folks have done this kind work, no wasn't company thinking but this new corporation wanted be just like them.

Boss Demands Daily Email Check, Employee Puts It On Time Sheet

Cosmically speaking, anything could go on a time sheet.
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funny memes about working | boss is coming and need pretend doing something person nailing waves to the beach sand | late work winter Michael Jordan crying behind frosted windshield

Work Memes to Help Maintain the Grind

Grab life by the paycheck.
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employee gets fired and asked to finish job, refuses on NDA grounds

Employee Gets Fired And Then Asked To Finish Job, Says It Violates Their NDA

Check and mate.
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romanticized jobs that aren't as good as they look

Romanticized Jobs That Aren't As Fun As They Look

So, basically every job.
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Company messes with a delivery driver's tips, and then a pro revenge ensues.

Company Messes With Delivery Driver's Tips, Pro Revenge Ensues

It's amazing what greedy people will do.
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Employee gets fired from company and takes program with them | Posted by u/Wintertodt 2 days ago Buy my program fire No? Okay. oc M Long story short employed at rather large factory which is one largest plant based companies world, recently bought by an investment firm not so long ago. Anyways developed program which used at factory could tell whenever any machines were not running, even if due manual stop or anything else. My program knew reason why machine idling. This program made so much eas

Employee Gets Fired, Takes Essential Program with Them

And just like that, management shot itself in the foot.
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Entitled work Karen demands everyone else wake up early because it's convenient for her | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/ZoiSarah 1 day ago Everyone MUST join work call regardless working hours? Sure! oc M company worked is global, offices all over globe wasn't often, but expected if were needed on call outside business hours make arrangements join; typically crazy one- off scenario where they needed find an urgent timeslot single call sounds awful but really infrequent and most folks were ve

Work Karen Makes Everyone Get Up for 4 AM Meeting

Time zones can be a pain.
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Employee deals with bad manager in glorious fashion | r/MaliciousCompliance u/Ars-Torok 128d Join 1 1 1 1 3 4 are salaried right? Just stay up this meeting. XL Before begin dear readers brief bit backstory have found every company has Todd will know who Todd is, because he is who call don't know who call unthinkable happens and everything is on fire and there is no hope salvation, Todd steps fix Todd spends his entire time just fixing unfixable. He has been with company since dawn time, knows tr

Employee Maliciously Complies To Director's Demands

Steve got played.
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employee automates job and doesn't have to work for 5 years

Employee Automates Job, Gets Paid To Do Nothing For 5 Years

Real life cheat code.
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Guy stands up to boss who makes him work as a courier | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by CleverNamePodcast Sorry not courier work large shipping company Canada work early morning loading trucks but as needed would go out and deliver packages. At first here and there but soon became normal after my regularly scheduled shift would go out and deliver

Guy Stands Up to Jerk Boss Who Makes Him do Two Jobs

Nothing quite like using a bad boss's words against them.
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Supervisor demands that an employee use a lint roller before the meeting.

Supervisor Demands Employee Use Lint Roller Before Meeting

Could be a bit of a tough call.
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Employee catches managers stealing, and they end up getting big raise | r/RegularRevenge u/ifallupthestairsalot 317d Join Caught managers stealing, got hefty raise! Regular This happened few years ago 16 got my first job working franchise owned pizza place worked there until 24 19 received shift leader and got 30 cent raise. Our store pretty slow and only had handful employees there, so understood. One day franchise owner comes running my shift tell l would be getting new manager franchise owner

Employee Catches Managers Stealing, Gets Nice Raise

All in a day's work.
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restaurant work memes

Restaurant Industry Memes To Help Deal With The Heat

'Tis the seasoning.
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Ridiculous Manager won't accept that employee is resigning | Posted by u/Iquitscrewyou 20 hours ago AITA walking out after boss tried refuse accept my resignation? Not hole had boss who real turd. He labored under delusion he an excellent boss and couldn't put together his behavior and crappy pay why he had such hard time keeping employees. He also thought acceptable call his female employees hun, sweetie, and sugar. He condescending asswipe who consistently passed over more qualified women

Delusional Manager Won't Accept Resignation

Yeah you can't do that.
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Boss tells employee that they're not a manager, so malicious compliance ensues | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/more-input 22h Boss tells l'm not manager so stopped doing her job M background work mental health and substance use services have worked my job long time now. My boss is never available help and hardly on site. Recently she has got new manager who is not impressed with her work ethic, but then lock down happened and he had shield, she has gone straight back her old ways. Boss will often

Boss Orchestrates Their Own Downfall

Malicious compliance for the win.
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