Someday Dad Will Learn How to Take a Photo

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"Am I Just Using the Wrong Setting or Something?"

monday thru friday copier ipad FAIL - 8213408000
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Some Find the Current Contents Preferable to the Original Contents

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Now if Only We Could Get an iPod Touch in There...

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Her's is the Face of Theft Gone Wrong

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Selfie Imposters Are at it Again!

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You Expect Him to Work Out Without Music?

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ipad awesome math funny algebra g rated School of FAIL - 57980161

Learning Algebra With an iPad

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Power When You Really Need It

ipad batteries there I fixed it g rated - 8013884160
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Your Teacher Is a Jerk

ipad funny math teachers student g rated School of FAIL - 8005615360
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cute ipad happy Video uncle - 57487361

The World's Happiest Uncle Unwraps a Christmas Present

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Make Your Favorite E-Reader "The Neverending Story"

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Photorealism of the Day: Most Realistic Finger Painting Ever

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Not Really Helpful at All

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Seasonal Attire

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About 43 Years to Go

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