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Video Mocks A Kid's Ridiculous Experience Helping His Mom With An iPad

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10 Times Old People Were Woefully out of the Loop on Facebook

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Future World Leader Finds the Perfect Way to Watch iPad

kids puts ipad on table to watch
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When Your Hoverboard Balance is Perfect, Don't Forget to Check For Small Children Behind You

funny fail gif little kid wrecks guy on hoverboard balancing ipad
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For These Kids it Feels More Like April Cruels' Day

funny parenting prank image dad pulls cruel ipad prank on kids
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No One Expects to Find Patience at an Apple Store, Which Makes This Mother's Story That Much Sweeter

heartwarming parenting facebook post about patient and kind apple store employee
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Watch This Guy Discover What a Cruel Place Ebay Can Be

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This Guy Already Got His Hands on the iPad Pro

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The Newest iPad Just Leaked

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The Cutting Board App Is Very Expensive

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His Favorite Markers Were Black and Yellow

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You're Not Even Mad, Until You Can't Play Angry Birds On It

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Lazy Genius

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You Gotta Teach 'em Young!

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Two Guys Are Under Arrest After They Stole an iPad and Uploaded Their Selfies to the Cloud

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