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Ensure That Your Children Irritate Others With This iPad Theater App From Disney!

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Smudges on the Touch Screen?

ipad funny there I fixed it - 7756407296
By Katie.x.williams

Happy Birthday, Son!

Bazinga shirt instead of an ipad for your birthday
By Unknown

Bringing Out the Weapons of Mass Apple Destruction

ipad spider girlfriend newspaper funny dating - 7456811264
By Unknown

Coming Soon From Apple

ipad products apple funny - 7400790784
By Unknown

It Was a Nice iPad While it Lasted

gif sports ipad whoops - 7355769600
By Unknown

The iPad Ninjas Strike Again!

ipad cars driving - 7317885440
Via Geekologie

If Only There Was a Portable iPad...

ipad gym workout - 7311419904
By Unknown

One More Creep

apple store ipad creepy - 7303539200
Via Reddit

Coaster FAIL

ipad expensive interview - 7112577792
By Unknown

Wanna Play Poker But Don't Have Any Cards?

ipad g rated there I fixed it - 7093340672
By Unknown

20 Dollars for a Tablet Stand? Hell Naw!

stand ipad tablet - 7024895744
By ariuszet

Unnecessary Accessory FAIL

ipad - 6981959168
By Unknown

And Now Everyone Can See

ipad iPhones AutocoWrecks - 6964978176
By Unknown

Birthday Wishes

ipad happy birthday birthday wishes - 5078912000
By Unknown

Real Subtle, Mom

subtle ipad gay mom - 6955241216
By Unknown