inventions people use for other than their intended purpose.

Inventions That Are Hardly Ever Used For Their Intended Purpose

Hey, still useful.
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funny tumble gems, memes, stories, and observations

Random And Ridiculous Tumblr Gems To Fight The Clawing Boredom

Life is weird. Have observations.
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Tumblr thread explains statistics

Tumblr Thread on Statistics Is a Necessary Dumbness Test

What is 100% really?
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funny light conspiracy theories

People's Favorite Lighter Conspiracy Theories

It all makes sense now.
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People share the basic survival tactics that everyone should know.

Basic Survival Rules Everyone Should Know

It's a dangerous world that we live in.
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funny tumblr gems

Random Tumblr Gems To Hack Through With A Machete

There's something out there.
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People describe times that they ended up seeing the butterfly effect in real life.

Real Life Examples Of Butterfly Effect In Action

Life is quite trippy.
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A collection of thought-stirring shower thoughts to reflect on.

Shower Thoughts That Are Deeply Soaked In Wisdom

The shower's an incubator for spontaneous wisdom.
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Man pays homage to River, the real life dog that they used in Fallout 4.

Emotional Twitter Thread Honors River, The Real-Life Dog Used In Fallout 4

A true legend has passed.
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An entertaining Tumblr thread about how literary coincidences can end up getting authors in hot water.

Tumblr Thread: Literary Coincidences Get Authors In Hot Water

Those best guesses can end up being quite risky.
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An entertaining Twitter thread about the fascinating history behind Triscuits.

Twitter Thread: Triscuit's Backstory Is Legit Electric

All about the electric biscuits.
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crazy black holes physics interesting Astronomy knowledge Video - 107059201

Theoretical Physicist Breaks Down Terrifying Nature Of Black Holes

This stuff weighs heavy on the brain.
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People divulge all the guy tips that every dude should have in their back pocket.

Guy Tips Every Dude Should Have In Their Arsenal

Knowledge is power, my dudes.
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Guy proceeds to get educated on car safety and physics.

Guy Proceeds To Get Schooled On Car Safety And Physics

It's never too late to learn something new.
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cool birds technology awesome interesting Video - 106999553

After Effects Shows Off Vulture's Flight Pattern

Now this is awesome.
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guesses as to what will be normal in 10 years

People's Best Guesses As To What Will Be Normal By 2031

It's all up in the air, man.
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