An entertaining Twitter thread about the fascinating history behind Triscuits.

Twitter Thread: Triscuit's Backstory Is Legit Electric

All about the electric biscuits.
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crazy black holes physics interesting Astronomy knowledge Video - 107059201

Theoretical Physicist Breaks Down Terrifying Nature Of Black Holes

This stuff weighs heavy on the brain.
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People divulge all the guy tips that every dude should have in their back pocket.

Guy Tips Every Dude Should Have In Their Arsenal

Knowledge is power, my dudes.
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Guy proceeds to get educated on car safety and physics.

Guy Proceeds To Get Schooled On Car Safety And Physics

It's never too late to learn something new.
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cool birds technology awesome interesting Video - 106999553

After Effects Shows Off Vulture's Flight Pattern

Now this is awesome.
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guesses as to what will be normal in 10 years

People's Best Guesses As To What Will Be Normal By 2031

It's all up in the air, man.
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Woman sneaks herself into a Facebook group for landlords, and proceeds to leak their secrets.

Woman Sneaks Herself Into FB Group For Landlords, Sneaks Their Secrets

Landlords can get to be very nasty.
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customer service pizza interesting food Video tiktok - 2463494

Little Caesar's Employee Exposes Pizza Sauce

Ignorance really can be bliss.
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viral videos awesome interesting ridiculous Video parking tiktok - 2459910

TikToker's Parking Lot Life Hack Rocks The Internet

We've been doing it all wrong, folks.
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humor the office Economics interesting celeb conan obrien funny - 107032833

BJ Novak Explains Shrinkflation With Cadbury Eggs

Sir Novak is the hero that the world deserves.
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weird family traits

People's Weirdest Family Traits

X-Men is real, but it's less about shooting lasers from your eyes and more about having 4 kidneys.
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An educational Tumblr thread about the power of asking craftspeople vs. the world's actual experts.

Tumblr Thread: When In Doubt Ask The World's Craftspeople

Sometimes the experts fall short.
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transformers cool peter cullen awesome movies interesting optimus prime celeb Video - 107017985

Peter Cullen Explains Creative Process Behind Optimus Prime Voice

Voice actors are terribly underrated.
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surprising interesting Video culture tiktok - 2419206

Romanian Guy Accidentally Learns To Speak Perfect English, Explains How

Seems like a fun way to "learn" a language.
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Man survives getting eaten by a whale, and then proceeds to answer everyone's questions in a viral thread.

Man Survives Getting Eaten By Whale, Answers Internet's Questions

Dude should write a book or something.
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nature adorable interesting ocean octopus funny Video - 106993153

Octopus Swims Ashore For Attention, Accomplishes Mission

Homie got all the pets he could've wanted.
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