Repair people describe the strangest things that they ever found in people's homes.

Repair People Describe The Weirdest Things They Found In People's Homes

Human beings can be fascinatingly strange.
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unique and interesting things people have

Wildly Unique Things That People Have

Yeah there's probably only one of those.
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A Quora user goes ahead and breaks down the size of the universe.

Quora User Deconstructs The Size Of The Universe

The universe is literal size.
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Tumblr thread about knowing smart things from dumb sources

Tumblr Thread: Impressive Knowledge From Dumb Sources

We all know something smart for a stupid reason.
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industry secrets and expired NDA stories

People With Expired Non-Disclosure Agreements Share What They Had To Keep Quiet

Ooooh secrets.
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amazing and interesting facts

Wild Facts That Sound Made Up But Are Legit

Though ancient, sharks did not precede the formation of yo momma.
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cool surprising interesting lava Video - 107231745

Lava VS Different Forms Of Glass

Lava doesn't play games.
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cool insects cheesecake interesting ants Video - 107217921

Time Lapse Video Of Ants Eating Cheesecake Is Immensely Satisfying

Ants are rad.
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surprising Music dr dre interesting eminem Video - 107217665

Rare Video Footage Shows When Dr. Dre First Discovered Eminem

A historic moment, for sure.
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A funny Tumblr post about how humans are actually space orcs.

Tumblr Thread: Humans Are Space Orcs

What a ride from start to finish.
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An educational Tumblr thread about the ongoing controversies encircling the yarn community.

Tumblr Thread: The Yarn Community Is Filled With Fiery Drama

Yarn fandom is a trip.
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People describe major loopholes that they were able to exploit successfully.

Massive Loopholes People Managed To Exploit Successfully

Life has many helpful loopholes.
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interesting and fun facts

Ridiculous and Intriguing Facts To Forget About Almost Instantly

They're fun while they last.
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cooking tips from chefs

Advice From Chefs To Be Moderately Okay At Cooking

With enough time and effort, anyone can be sort of alright at cooking.
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An informative Tumblr post seeks to debunk widespread misconceptions about chickens and eggs.

Informative Tumblr Post Aims To Debunk Misconceptions About Chickens And Eggs

Yay, new info about chickens and eggs.
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Married people describe their non-traditional marriage stories.

Married People's Unexpected Proposal Stories

Some people get very into their proposals.
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