funny stories about the strangest colors people had to match at paint stores

The Weirdest Colors Paint Store Employees Had To Match

When someone walks in and wants a can of "leg."
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weird cursed images

Strange And Cursed Images to Pump Up The Weird

Thanks, internet. I guess.
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scary robotics wtf engineering interesting robots future science Video - 107519489

Robotic Arm With Artificial Muscles Is Amazing And Terrifying

The future is here and it is ripped.
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news wtf english interesting language lol accent funny - 107347969

Irish Shepherd's Accent Is Absolutely Immense

Yeah, what he said.
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still on patrol navy submarines tumblr thread

Tumblr Thread: The Forever On Patrol Submarines

Alright yeah, that's really interesting.
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job work interesting morality security retail discussion - 15486725

Security Guard Comes In "Just On Time," Internet Weighs In

This one was a dispute.
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A collection of strange and interesting science facts to ponder.

Strange Science Facts To Ponder

Pretty much at the science fair now.
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Tetris trauma twitter

Twitter Thread: Tetris Can Reduce Mental Trauma

And they said video games were bad.
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Tumblr thread on Magenta and the human brain

Tumblr Thread: Magenta Doesn't Exist, It's Just The Brain Doing Its Best

Thanks, brain.
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stories of the placebo effect

Times People Witnessed The Placebo Effect Working Its Magic

Engage the funk!
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funny tweets and tumblr gems

Tweets and Tumblr Gems To Win The Battle Against Boredom

Boredom must be stamped out.
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overhyped things and products that flopped

Hugely Hyped Things That Came And Went

That's just kinda how it goes.
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things Americans say and do abroad

Sayings and Behaviors That Give Away Americans

Is that not how it's pronounced?
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weird confusing double take moments

25 Intriguing Images Of Strange Perspective

Double take away!
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twitter thread on history of hardback books in europe

Twitter Thread: Hardback Books Exist Because of Cheese, Snails and Underwear

Oh yeah, obviously, right yes.
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A wild Tumblr thread about nature going beast mode.

Tumblr Story: Nature Goes Beast Mode, Fights Off Alien Invasion

Those dang cicadas, man.
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