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Choosing Beggar Wants Free Tattoo Since “It’s Just a Hobby”

These people are the worst.
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An entitled influencer thinks that exposure is equivalent to payment. | Hey manager messaging earlier telling were looking hand drawn portrait? yeah can start cos need this ASAP

Entitled "Influencer" Thinks Exposure's Payment

Nope, that's not how it works.
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An entitled influencer Karen demands free food in exchange for exposure | ar 28 202n O Save have deal with this on constant vasis. Influenceplease don't message our private business numbers free food. Hi are owner Michelin Star restaurante 05:09 PM Hello, this is indeed did get my number? 06:16 PM

Influencer Karen Demands Free Food In Exchange For Fame

That's a hard no, Karen.
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entitled influencer wants to be paid for editor to work for them

Influencer Tries To Charge Editor To Work For Him, Gets Denied

Nice try.
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People that know influencers describe what they're like in real life.

People That Know Influencers Share What They're Like In Real Life

Life sure ain't like social media makes it out to be.
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An entitled influencer expects a haircut for cheap | saw post on twitter hair and 's really pretty much Hi is do something similar 20:06 Hey costs £120 includes cost my trip place. 20:08 's pretty much. Can pay £50 though? 20:10 No 50 is too low can do 100 though just bc one her friends referred and she says 20:12 W

Entitled "Influencer" Expects Haircut For Cheap

Oh dear.
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Entitled influencer freaks out after not being offered free pizza.

Entitled Influencer Leaves 1-Star Review After Being Rejected Free Pizza

Carry on your way then.
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Dude intentionally embarrasses their influencer friend by letting them post dumb meme. | AITA embarrassing my "influencer" friend by intentionally letting her post meme made her look stupid? Not hole feel kind bad, but have friend who thinks herself as highly popular mom influencer (she's her 40s and she has habit taking other people's posts, memes, etc and reposting them as her own. She even steals personal, heartfelt words other bloggers and Instagrammers about their struggles with body image,

Dude Intentionally Embarrasses "Influencer" Friend, Lets Them Post Dumb Meme

Got 'em.
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Woman calls roommate's dreams about being an influencer "pathetic." | AITA telling my roommate her aspirations being an influencer are fucking pathetic TL;DR: Roommate works minimum 50 hours week and can barely support him and his girlfriend. She wants be an influencer and isn't bringing home any income. After witnessing boyfriend have mental breakdown being overworked told girlfriend her aspirations were fucking pathetic

Woman Calls Roommate's Dreams Of Being An Influencer "Pathetic"

Pretty brutal.
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An influencer expects an artist to sacrifice their integrity in the name of exposure. | Hey manager messaging earlier telling were looking hand drawn portrait? yeah can start cos need this ASAP

Influencer Expects Artist To Sacrifice Integrity For Exposure

Yeah, nope.
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An entitled influencer expects free stuff in exchange for exposure, and hilarity ensues. | hello would like do collaboration some sort? id love share work on my account if interested?

Entitled Influencer Expects Free Goods In Exchange For Exposure

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An entitled influencer asks someone for $300 worth of jewelry | Hey! l'd like talk about jewelry? accepted request Awesome! Hey can do

Influencer With 400 Followers Asks Artist For $300 Worth Of Jewelry

The entitlement is overwhelming.
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Restaurant calls out lying lobster influencers | Silver Pearl Venues WARNING: SCAMMER ALERT On evening Friday 25th December 2020 had an incident at our venue involving family 4 They ordered bottle red wine and 1 live lobster and requested be served sashimi style. This all they ordered, nothing else. Halfway through their meal they complained us they were "feeling sick" and accused us serving them frozen lobster, instead fresh/ live lobster, which apparently reason them feeling sick note

Influencers Get Called Out For Lobster Scam

How could anyone be so shellfish.
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social media influencers cringey videos

Cringy Influencers Caught in the Wild Compilation

The USA is a strange place.
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An entitled influencer expects to get free lodging, and the hotel owner harshly shuts her down | Hi there hope this email finds well emailing regards possible collaboration on social media my name is work as social media influencer, mainly lifestyle, beauty travel based have over 87.000 YouTube subscribers here: as well as 76 000 Instagram followers

Entitled Influencer Expects Free Lodging, Owner Shuts Her Down

She needed the reality check.
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Entitled influencer will trade exposure for wedding documentary, gets nothing | Wedding 10th April 2021 Good morning, My client is well known social media influencer who is planning be married at 2021 lead up her wedding, beginning this summer, she would like documentary style video (an hour long) and photos taken at bridal fittings which can be shared with her followers. On day wedding, she would like video documenting whole day (must be 1 hour length) and package includes

Influencer Demands Free Wedding Documentary, Gets Shut Down

Get outta here with that noise.
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